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2 MILSOFT Corporate MILSOFT UTILITY SOLUTIONS develops, sells, deploys and supports software for the engineering, planning and operations of electric distribution systems. Software business began 1983 at Milford Engineering. Milsoft Integrated Solutions incorporated December 23, 1988. Renamed Milsoft Utility Solutions 2003 upon acquisition of Automation Consulting, Inc (dba PORCHE Systems), an IVR system vendor. Headquartered in Abilene, Texas. IVR Division offices in Pensacola, Florida. 1,117 customers in the US and abroad. 910 electric distribution systems including cooperatives, public power systems, IOUs, foreign utilities, USAF bases, oil & gas fields. 2

3 MILSOFT Software WindMil Engineering Analysis (EA)
Transmission and distribution (T&D) circuit modeling and analysis software for planning and operations including Light Table protective device coordination, Contingency Analysis, Reliability Analysis, Arc Flash Analysis, Land Base geographic image overlay. DisSPatch Outage Management System (OMS) Automated outage management system incorporating the WindMil fully detailed circuit model and integrated with SCADA, AMR, IVR, ERP/CIS, AVL, on line weather monitoring. WindMilMap Geospatial Information System (GIS) Mapping / geospatial information software incorporating the WindMil fully detailed circuit model and including full ESRI capabilities, PORCHE / Telelink / Crew Call / Milsoft Connections Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Local and hosted interactive voice response system with Nuance speech recognition and vocalizer. 3

4 MILSOFT Software Field Engineering Unplugged Damage Assessment
Mobile, Windows-based software tool for new construction staking and field design. Unplugged Mobile, Windows-based, AVL enabled GIS viewer for WindMil, DisSPatch, WindMilMap. Damage Assessment Mobile, AVL-enabled, Windows-based GIS data collection tool. 4

5 MILSOFT Customers

6 MILSOFT Interoperability
MILSOFT is determined to integrate seamlessly with any and all third-party software applications that its customers use, even competing applications, so that customers get the maximum return on their investment in MILSOFT’s solutions. MILSOFT has been a founding supporter of MultiSpeak, a real-time, web services, industry standard data bus architecture that is used by hundreds of electric utilities and scores of software and hardware vendors.

7 MILSOFT Business Partners

8 MILSOFT Achievements MILSOFT was named by Hometown Connections, Inc. as Partner of the Year in 2008. MILSOFT has been recognized by INC Magazine for the third straight year as one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in the United States. MILSOFT’s DisSPatch OMS has been included for the third straight year in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for OMS. MILSOFT is celebrating 20 continuous years in business and five straight years of double digit growth in revenues. MILSOFT just completed it’s 2009 User Conference in San Antonio, Texas, on June with record attendance of 305 people representing 160 companies and 20 corporate sponsors. 8

9 MILSOFT Smart Grid WindMil can be populated with actual historical data from SCADA and AMR for analysis and planning. DisSPatch accepts / pings for real time data (i.e., power on / off) from SCADA, AMR, AVL MILSOFT IVR facilitates real time customer and employee communications. WindMilMap is can be used by customers for display of all of the above. MILSOFT software suite integration and mobile tools for work and work flow management are perfectly suited to real time grid monitoring and control.

10 MILSOFT Smart Grid MILSOFT is developing Real Time Distribution Grid Analysis (aka real time state estimation). WindMil will be populated with and analyze real time data. Pilot projects at Owen Electric and Bluegrass Energy in Kentucky making use of real time data from SCADA and AMR. Pilot project with Current Group making use of real time data from distribution system sensors like those deployed in Smart Grid City in Boulder, Colorado. Once real time analysis is demonstrated to be acceptably accurate and sufficiently fast, participating utilities will begin testing active grid management techniques based upon real time data.

11 MILSOFT Smart Grid MILSOFT will expand and enhance DisSPatch OMS to monitor and address Smart Grid events. Service degradation Low/high voltage, flicker, harmonics, blinks, power factor, etc. Voltage control Conservation voltage reduction, demand response voltage reduction, voltage regulation, loss reduction, feeder optimization, etc. Distributed generation monitoring & control Circuit switching / sectionalizing to anticipate overloads and prevent outages Physical security Access monitoring & control

12 MILSOFT Smart Grid MILSOFT will expand and enhance WindMilMap GIS to display distribution grid information from WindMil real time analysis and DisSPatch active grid management. MILSOFT will expand and enhance PORCHE / Telelink / Crew Call IVR to integrate with all of the above real time applications as well as web served communications.

For more information contact: Steven E Collier VP Business Development office mobile 13


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