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Joel 2:1,2, 11-13, 15-18. History will be repeated. False religion will be exalted. The first day of the week, a common working day, possessing no sanctity.

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1 Joel 2:1,2, 11-13, 15-18

2 History will be repeated. False religion will be exalted. The first day of the week, a common working day, possessing no sanctity whatever, will be set up as was the image at Babylon. All nations and tongues and peoples will be commanded to worship this spurious sabbath. This is Satan's plan to make of no account the day instituted by God, and given to the world as a memorial of creation. {ST, May 6, 1897 par. 14} ST - The Signs of the Times May 6, 1897 God's Care for His Children.

3 ST - The Signs of the Times May 6, 1897 God's Care for His Children. Trial and persecution will come to all who, in obedience to the Word of God, refuse to worship this false sabbath. Force is the last resort of every false religion. At first it tries attraction, as the king of Babylon tried the power of music and outward show. If these attractions, invented by men inspired by Satan, failed to make men worship the image, the hungry flames of the furnace were ready to consume them. So it will be now. The Papacy has exercised her power to compel men to obey her, and she will continue to do so. We need the same spirit that was manifested by God's servants in the conflict with paganism.

4 Giving an account of the treatment of the Christians by the emperor of Rome, Tertullian says, "We are thrown to the wild beasts to make us recant; we are burned in the flames; we are condemned to prisons and to mines; we are banished to islands,--such as Patmos,--and all have failed." So it was in the case of the three Hebrew worthies; their eye was single to the glory of God; their souls were steadfast; the power of the truth held them firmly to their allegiance to God. It is in the power of God alone that we shall be enabled to be loyal to him. {ST, May 6, 1897 par. 16} ST - The Signs of the Times May 6, 1897 God's Care for His Children.

5 HP - In Heavenly Places (1967) Chap. 158 - Security in Right Thinking Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. 2 Cor. 10:5. {HP 164.1} Even the thoughts must be brought into subjection to the will of God, and the feelings under the control of reason and religion. Our imagination was not given us to be allowed to run riot and have its own way, without any effort at restraint and discipline. If the thoughts are wrong, the feelings will be wrong; and the thoughts and feelings combined make up the moral character. {HP 164.2}

6 Gospel Music Fit For The Dance Clubs 2001 Stella award winners Shackles became a huge hit in dance clubs across the country, proving to you that gospel artist can cross over and at the same time take the cross over. The world is advancing a theory to the church of how to evangelise

7 Angels are hovering around yonder dwelling. The young are there assembled; there is the sound of vocal and instrumental music. Christians are gathered there, but what is that you hear? It is a song, a frivolous ditty, fit for the dance hall. Behold, the pure angels gather their light closer around them, and darkness envelops those in that dwelling. The angels are moving from the scene. Sadness is upon their countenances. Behold, they are weeping. 296 MYP - Messages to Young People (1930) Chap. 97 - A Wrong Use of Music

8 Anything will suit his purpose that will divert the mind from God, and engage the time which should be devoted to His service. He works through the means which will exert the strongest influence to hold the largest numbers in a pleasing infatuation, while they are paralyzed by his power. When turned to good account, music is a blessing, but it is often made one of Satan's most attractive agencies to ensnare souls. When abused, it leads the unconsecrated to pride, vanity, and folly. When allowed to take the place of devotion and prayer, it is a terrible curse. MYP - Messages to Young People (1930) Chap. 97 - A Wrong Use of Music

9 This I saw repeated a number of times all through the ranks of Sabbath keepers, and especially in _____. Music has occupied the hours which should have been devoted to prayer. Music is the idol which many professed Sabbath-keeping Christians worship. Satan has no objection to music, if he can make that a channel through which to gain access to the minds of the youth. 296 MYP - Messages to Young People (1930) Chap. 97 - A Wrong Use of Music






15 Rick Warren The Purpose Driven Church …If it works, it must be right! He encourages young pastors to leave behind that old fashioned church music in favour of jazz or rock or whatever turns your people on! He encourages churches to imitate the culture and dress down for church. He says, Never criticize what God is blessing, even though it may be a style of ministry that makes you uncomfortable… The ground we have in common with unbelievers is not the Bible, but our common needs, hurts and interests as human beings. You cannot start with a text…. Pages.13-15, 62, 295.




19 The Word-Faith Movement* The fastest growing segment of professing Christianity today is the Word-Faith Movement, also known as the Positive Confession or simply "Faith" movement. Its growth is at least partially due to the massive amounts of money the leaders are able to extract from the faithful. This influx of cash allows for huge buildings and extensive ministries, and more importantly, wide exposure on television, which translates into numerical growth. Not only do many Word-Faith preachers broadcast their services and campaigns, but Word-Faith adherents, Paul and Jan Crouch, own the largest Christian- based television network in the world. The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), founded by the Crouches, with an estimated net worth of approximately $600 million dollars, is capable of televising the Faith message (as well as many other errant messages) all over the world.Positive Confession Well-known personalities within the movement include Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Robert Tilton (who is staging a come-back), Paul Yonggi Cho, Benny Hinn, Marilyn Hickey, Frederick K.C. Price, John Avanzini, Charles Capps, Jerry Savelle, Morris Cerullo and of course, Paul and Jan Crouch.Kenneth HaginKenneth CopelandPaul Yonggi ChoBenny Hinn

20 Kenneth CopelandKenneth Copeland states the faith formula this way: "All it takes is 1) Seeing or visualizing whatever you need, whether physical or financial; 2) Staking your claim on Scripture; and 3) Speaking it into existence" (Christianity in Crisis, p. 80). Paul Yonggi ChoPaul Yonggi Cho, borrowing from the occult, has developed what he calls the "Law of Incubation." Here is how it works: "First make a clear-cut goal, then draw a mental picture, vivid and graphic, to visualize success. Then incubate it into reality, and finally speak it into existence through the creative power of the spoken word" (Christianity in Crisis, pp. 83-84).

21 As one might guess, the teachings of the Faith movement are very attractive to some. If we can produce whatever our hearts desire by simply demanding what we want by faith, if we can manipulate the universe and perhaps even God, then we have our own personal genie just waiting to fulfill our wishes. Frederick K.C. Price wastes no words when he writes: "Now this is a shocker! But God has to be given permission to work in this earth realm on behalf of man. … Yes! You are in control! So if man has control, who no longer has it? God.... When God gave Adam dominion, that meant God no longer had dominion. So, God cannot do anything on this earth unless we let Him or give Him permission through prayer" (Prayer: Do You Know What Prayer Is.... and How to Pray? The Word Study Bible, p. 1178). This is certainly a theology that would appeal to the masses, and thus accounts for the Faith movement's popularity.

22 The Deification of Man Faith teachers like to teach, based upon serious mishandling of passages such as John 10:31-39 and II Peter 1:4, that Christians are "little gods. Copeland says, "Now Peter said by exceeding great and precious promises you become partakers of the divine nature. All right, are we gods? We are a class of gods!" (Christianity in Crisis, p. 116).Copeland Benny HinnBenny Hinn declares, "God came from heaven, became a man, made man into little gods, went back to heaven as a man" (Christianity in Crisis, p. 382 n. 43). Earl Paulk wrote, "Until we comprehend that we are little gods and we begin to act like little gods, we cannot manifest the kingdom of God" (Satan Unmasked, p. 97).

23 Shall we for the sake of policy, betray a sacred trust? If the world is in error and delusion, breaking the law of God, is it not our duty to show them their sin and danger? We must proclaim the third angel's message. {CW 95.1} What is the Sentinel for, but to be the voice of the watchmen on the walls of Zion, to sound the danger signal. CW - Counsels to Writers and Editors {Page 95.1}

24 Let it be understood that Seventh-day Adventists can make no compromise. In your opinions and faith there must not be the least appearance of wavering; the world has a right to know what to expect of us, and will look upon us as dishonest, as hiding our real sentiments and principles out of policy, if we carry even the semblance of being uncommitted till the popular voice has pointed out the safe way. The Comforter, the Holy Spirit, which Christ said He would send into the world, was to bear an unwavering testimony. {CW 95.2}

25 A new order of things has come into the ministry. There is a desire to pattern after other churches, and simplicity and humility are almost unknown. The young ministers seek to be original, and to introduce new ideas and new plans for labor. Some open revival meetings, and by this means call large numbers into the church. But when the excitement is over, where are the converted ones? Repentance and confession of sin are not seen. The sinner is entreated to believe in Christ and accept Him, without regard to his past life of sin and rebellion. The heart is not broken. There is no contrition of soul. The supposed converted ones have not fallen upon the Rock, Christ Jesus. {2SM 18.4} 2SM - Selected Messages Book 2 (1958) Chap. 1 - Warnings Against Sensational Teachings and Emotional Religion

26 The Old and New Testament Scriptures show us the only way in which this work should be done. Repent, repent, repent was the message rung out by John the Baptist in the wilderness. Christ's message to the people was "Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish" (Luke 13:5). And the apostles were commanded to preach everywhere that men should repent. {2SM 19.1}

27 The Lord desires His servants today to preach the old gospel doctrine, sorrow for sin, repentance, and confession. We want old- fashioned sermons, old-fashioned customs, old-fashioned fathers and mothers in Israel. The sinner must be labored for, perseveringly, earnestly, wisely, until he shall see that he is a transgressor of God's law, and shall exercise repentance toward God and faith toward the Lord Jesus Christ. --Undated Manuscript 111. {Ev 179.5} Evangelism (1946) Chap. 7 - The Message and its Presentation

28 The work of Christ is to draw men from the false and spurious to the true and genuine. "He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." [JOHN 8:12.] There is no danger of going into error while we follow in the footsteps of "the Light of the world." We are to work the works of Christ. We must engage heart and soul in his service; we must search the word of life, and present it to others. We must educate the people to realize the importance of its teaching, and the danger of deviating from its plain commands. {CE 121.1}.--Review and Herald, July 17, 1888. CE - Christian Education (1893, 1894) Chap. 15 - The Value of Bible Study.

29 The Jews were led into error and ruin, and to the rejection of the Lord of glory, because they knew not the Scriptures, nor the power of God. A great work is before us,--to lead men to take God's word as the rule of their lives, to make no compromise with tradition and custom, but to walk in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord..--Review and Herald, July 17, 1888. CE - Christian Education (1893, 1894) Chap. 15 - The Value of Bible Study.

30 Many urge that by uniting with worldlings and conforming to their customs they might exert a stronger influence over the ungodly. But all who pursue this course thereby separate from the Source of their strength. Becoming the friends of the world, they are the enemies of God. For the sake of earthly distinction they sacrifice the unspeakable honor to which God has called them, of showing forth the praises of Him who hath called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9. {PP 607.2} PP - Patriarchs and Prophets (1890) Chap. 59 - The First King of Israel

31 What was the origin of the great apostasy? How did the church first depart from the simplicity of the gospel? By conforming to the practices of paganism, to facilitate the acceptance of Christianity by the heathen. The apostle Paul declared, even in his day, "The mystery of iniquity doth already work." 2 Thessalonians 2:7. {GC 384.5} GC - The Great Controversy (1911) Chap. 21 - A Warning Rejected

32 During the lives of the apostles the church remained comparatively pure. But "toward the latter end of the second century most of the churches assumed a new form; the first simplicity disappeared, and insensibly, as the old disciples retired to their graves, their children, along with new converts,... came forward and new-modeled the cause."-- Robert Robinson, Ecclesiastical Researches, ch. 6, par. 17, p. 51. GC 384.5} GC - The Great Controversy (1911) Chap. 21 - A Warning Rejected

33 To secure converts, the exalted standard of the Christian faith was lowered, and as the result "a pagan flood, flowing into the church, carried with it its customs, practices, and idols." --Gavazzi, Lectures, page 278. As the Christian religion secured the favor and support of secular rulers, it was nominally accepted by multitudes; but while in appearance Christians, many "remained in substance pagans, especially worshiping in secret their idols."--Ibid., page 278. {GC 384.5} GC - The Great Controversy (1911) Chap. 21 - A Warning Rejected

34 Chap. 30 - Enmity Between Man and Satan GC - The Great Controversy (1911) Conformity to worldly customs converts the church to the world; it never converts the world to Christ. Familiarity with sin will inevitably cause it to appear less repulsive. HP - In Heavenly Places (1967) Chap. 162 - No Partnership with the World Conformity to the world will never be the means of converting the world to Christ. {HP 168.2} He who chooses to associate with the servants of Satan will soon cease to fear their master. When in the way of duty we are brought into trial, as was Daniel in the king's court, we may be sure that God will protect us; but if we place ourselves under temptation we shall fall sooner or later. {GC 509.1}

35 A profession of religion has become popular with the world. Rulers, politicians, lawyers, doctors, merchants, join the church as a means of securing the respect and confidence of society, and advancing their own worldly interests. Thus they seek to cover all their unrighteous transactions under a profession of Christianity. The various religious bodies, re-enforced by the wealth and influence of these baptized worldlings, make a still higher bid for popularity and patronage. Splendid churches, embellished in the most extravagant manner, are erected on popular avenues. {GC 386.1} GC - The Great Controversy (1911) Chap. 21 - A Warning Rejected

36 The worshipers array themselves in costly and fashionable attire. A high salary is paid for a talented minister to entertain and attract the people. His sermons must not touch popular sins, but be made smooth and pleasing for fashionable ears. Thus fashionable sinners are enrolled on the church records, and fashionable sins are concealed under a pretense of godliness. {GC 386.1} GC - The Great Controversy (1911) Chap. 21 - A Warning Rejected

37 Robert Schuller: Quotes from Self-Esteem: The New Reformation …the churchs problem is that it has had a God-centred theology for centuries, when it needs a man-centred one; were not bad, merely badly informed about how good we are; it would be an insult to the integrity of any human beings to call him a sinner... p.115.

38 If you lower the standard in order to secure popularity and an increase of numbers, and then make this increase a cause of rejoicing, you show great blindness. If numbers were evidence of success, Satan might claim the pre-eminence; for, in this world, his followers are largely in the majority. It is the degree of moral power pervading the College, that is a test of its prosperity. It is the virtue, intelligence, and piety of the people composing our churches, not their numbers, that should be a source of joy and thankfulness. {CE 42.1} CE - Christian Education (1893, 1894)

39 THE WILLOW CREEK MODEL & ITS RESULTS EARLY SDA ADHERANTS OF THE WILLOW CREEK PLAN. 1.Sunnyside Church – Oregon USA 2.Damascus Church – Maryland USA 3.Christ Advent Fellowship – Colorado USA RESULTS These churches and others like them (in USA and elsewhere), Left the SDA church and have become Sunday keeping churches.

40 THE WILLOW CREEK MODEL & ITS RESULTS THE SOUTH PACFIC CELEBRATION EXPERIMENT. 1)Cherrybrook, Sydney, Australia 2)Cornerstone, New Zealand 3)Fox Valley, Sydney, Australia 4)Riverside, Perth, Australia 5)Southside, Brisbane, Australia RESULTS Church Growth _ Transfers from other SDA congregations Conversion/evangelism growth – Negligible Total Results – All five are no longer SDA churches

41 THE WILLOW CREEK MODEL & ITS RESULTS The many churches, following the Willow Creek Model, that have not left the denomination a)Play down our unique doctrines b)Play down our destinctive name c)Question or completely reject the Spirit Of Prophecy.

42 A cunning and cruel foe attends our steps, and is working every moment, with all his strength and skill, to turn us from the right way. Ever since he succeeded in overcoming our first parents in their beautiful Eden home, he has been engaged in this work. More than six thousand years of continual practice has greatly increased his skill to deceive and allure. On the other hand, he who once yields to temptation becomes spiritually weak, and yields more readily the second time. Every repetition of sin blinds his eyes, stifles conviction, and weakens his power of resistance. Thus while the power of the human race to resist temptation is continually decreasing, Satan's skill and power to tempt are continually increasing. This is one great reason why the temptations of the last days will be more severe than those of any other age. {ST, September 29, 1887 par. 2} ST - The Signs of the Times September 29, 1887 How to Meet Temptations.

43 LDE - Last Day Events (1992) Chap. 7. - Country Living Character Development Easier in the Country Parents flock with their families to the cities because they fancy it easier to obtain a livelihood there than in the country. The children, having nothing to do when not in school, obtain a street education. From evil associates they acquire habits of vice and dissipation.--5T 232 (1882). {LDE 97.3} Send the children to schools located in the city, where every phase of temptation is waiting to attract and demoralize them, and the work of character building is tenfold harder for both parents and children.--FE 326 (1894). {LDE 98.1}

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