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What is Child Life? Your Name, Institution, Etc..

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1 What is Child Life? Your Name, Institution, Etc.

2 Introduction educational background internship roles/areas typically employed

3 Therapeutic play communication between adults and children expression of emotions/feelings clarify misconceptions socialization with other children minimize stress

4 Therapeutic play normalization of environment –child-friendly environments –normal routines –peer issues –school issues

5 Medical play teaching tool - allows children to express frustrations, fears, and other emotions - assess and prepare for procedures - identify misconceptions

6 Coping/anxiety coping strategies choices enhance child’s sense of control procedural support distraction and guided imagery non-pharmacological pain management comfort items parental presence

7 Child development typical development effects of hospitalization, illness, injury, or stress on developmental milestones parent education staff education

8 Family-centered care sibling education and support parent support –encouraging parental involvement in care

9 Diagnosis-specific education new diagnosis compliance issues school reintegration

10 Preparation Surgery procedures

11 Bereavement working with the dying patient working with siblings

12 Conclusion Ways staff can utilize Child Life Child Life staff’s availability –Days, hours, pager

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