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4.1 What is new and what has changed? 4.1. Does H.E.L.P. 4.1 work differently? H.E.L.P. 4.1 looks the same It operates the same The icons are the same.

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Presentation on theme: "4.1 What is new and what has changed? 4.1. Does H.E.L.P. 4.1 work differently? H.E.L.P. 4.1 looks the same It operates the same The icons are the same."— Presentation transcript:

1 4.1 What is new and what has changed? 4.1

2 Does H.E.L.P. 4.1 work differently? H.E.L.P. 4.1 looks the same It operates the same The icons are the same

3 Whats New in H.E.L.P. 4.1? CRITICAL UPDATES: 1.The ISBE has changed some of the wording in all of the Notices and Consent forms 2.There is one new additional ISBE form: Delegation of Rights to Make Educational Decisions (ISBE form 34-57K) 3. Spanish Print Notices and Consents are again available.

4 There are 3 new optional forms in H.E.L.P. 4.1 1.IEP Modification/Amendment Form (lettered in green on the forms menu) 2.Autism Considerations Form Added at the request of several districts to address the ISBE Memorandum #80-1 Development of IEPs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders There are 2 new z-loads to support the Autism Considerations Form 1. Autism-Student Needs 2. Autism-Student Supports 3.Report of Progress On Annual Goals Forms: (Option 1 and 2) ISBE Form 37-44T/U

5 The Forms Menu contains these additions:

6 Selecting a Default Printer A new addition in H.E.L.P. is the Select Default Printer Button. It is available on the Forms, Reports and Specialized Reports Menus It is now possible for users to select a different default printer to print H.E.L.P. forms without leaving the program. H.E.L.P. is set to automatically print to the default printed that has been selected in the Control Panel.

7 When Select Default Printer is clicked: A list of the Available Printers installed in the computer that is being used will appear in the window. Double click on the Printer to be selected. It will appear in the Default line Click the Closing Door icon to exit the window. The selected printer is now ready for use. This option is available on the Forms, Reports and Specialized Report Menus

8 Why would you select a different default printer? It allows the user to use an available printer at a different location A faster or more economical printer may be available By changing the printer the user could save time, effort and money Remember: You have changed the Default printer in your computer. All documents will print to the Default Printer unless you select a different printer

9 Will my old IEPs merge into H.E.L.P. 4.1? The answer is YES! Due to required changes in some of the forms, some of the imported data may be in different places or may need to be altered to fulfill the new requirements

10 One of the BIG changes in H.E.L.P. 4.1 that may not be noticed at first glance is in the GOALS AND OBJECTIVES AND BENCHMARKS FORM

11 Why wont most users notice the changes? It is because the form still looks the same and it works the same as in previous updates.

12 What are the changes in the Goals & Objectives/Benchmark Form? Data entry fields were enlarged on both the screen and print to accommodate the need for more data space in both the Annual Goal Statement field and Current Levels of Academic Achievements and Functional Performance field.

13 The IEP Goals & Objectives z-load was also enlarged to accommodate the space changes in the form

14 Here are the changes: Larger data entry fields have been added to accommodate more information in these fields: Current Levels of Academic Achievements & Functional Performance Annual Goal Statement IN ADDITION: Progress report fields will grow as more information is added to update goals/objectives & benchmarks during each reporting period.

15 PRINTING CHANGES IN THE GOALS & OBJECTIVES/BENCHMARK FORM: Previously 2 prints buttons were found on this screen: 1. Print IEP and 2. Print Progress Report Now one Printer Icon will print both.

16 Printing Format Changes on the IEP Goals & Objectives/Benchmark Form: This IEP form will print in the format of: 3 objectives and benchmarks on each of 2 pages

17 Printing Changes on the Progress Report of the Goals & Objectives/Benchmarks Form The Annual Goal and Objectives & Benchmarks progress fields will grow to accommodate measurable goals and additional progress data that is added to the form. Progress report comments for each of the reporting periods can be printed as the school year progresses. There is no longer a need to delete previous comments on progress to make room for the new reporting period.

18 The Biggest Printing Change on the Progress Report of the Goals & Objectives/Benchmark Form is: The Progress report will print as many pages that are necessary to print all progress data for the entire school year.

19 More Functionality Changes

20 CLIENT INTAKE Ethnicity will now show BOTH the ethnicity code and description on screen; not just the code

21 CLIENT INTAKE-ETHNICITY It is recommended that each teacher go to Client Intake and use the drop down box to click in the correct ethnicity code and description for each of their students for the current school year Previously teacher have often typed in the ethnicity. This did not yield the correct number code and description used by ISBE for FACTS. Ethnicity is VERY important in the functioning of H.E.L.P. 4.1 You must use the drop down box to click in the correct ethnicity code and description.

22 Educational Services & Placement Form Both the EE Calculations and the Percent of time receiving Special Education will now print on this form These calculations will be linked to the FACTS section of the Conference Summary Report

23 Change to MANIFESTATION DETERMINATION FORM The fields in the Manifestation Determination Form will grow to accommodate the need to include more information in each of the addressed areas. The amount of information added to this form may necessitate it to print multiple pages.

24 Changes in IEP Progress Reporting

25 H.E.L.P. 4.1 now has several methods of reporting IEP Progress As with previous versions of H.E.L.P. Progress on each goal, and objective/benchmarks is updated on the Goals & Objectives/Benchmarks form. This form can be printed by using either the Printer Icon on the screen or thorough Batch Print.

26 H.E.L.P. 4.1 now has an additional method of reporting IEP Progress 2 Additional Report Options forms used to report progress on just the Annual Goals (ISBE Form 37- 44) have also been added to H.E.L.P. 4.1

27 Which One Should You Use? The type of progress report that you will be asked to complete for your students will be directed by your school district. Please take direction on the method and form to use to update progress from your Special Education coordinator.

28 Report Of Progress on Annual Goals Forms ISBE Forms 37-44 T/U Options 1 & 2 can now be prepared and printed from H.E.L.P. 4.1 Both options 1 & 2 are used to report progress on the measurable annual goals onlybut not the objectives and benchmarks.

29 Where Are these forms Located? Go to the Forms Menu and select: Progress Report Options

30 PROGRESS REPORT OPTIONS At this window click to Select the Progress Report Option desired

31 Progress Report Option 1 This report is used to report students progress on measurable goals by the end of the IEP year. It is not used to update progress on the objectives & benchmarks.

32 How to use Progress Report Option 1 1.After selecting Progress Report Option 1 2.Select a student 3.Check the Type of Report for each report period (Quarter). The selections are: 1. Report Card 2. Progress Report 3. Parent Conference

33 Report Of Progress on Annual Goal Option 1 Allows the user to report progress on up to 6 measurable goals (i.e.. for math, reading, etc.) per student for the entire IEP year. FORM STRUCTURE: Check boxes are used to report progress on the measurable goals. The Additional Comments section allow for an explanation of the progress These fields grow as data is added.

34 FORMS MENU After selecting a student and beginning to complete the Progress Report Option Click the IEP GOALS/OBJECTIVES button to return to the IEP Goals form to retrieve the measurable annual goal(s)

35 The Goals & Objectives/Benchmarks Form will open to Search for your student Select the student from the list by clicking on the students name

36 1. Highlight the Goal Statement 2. Go to EDIT and select COPY 3. Close the door on the screen.

37 You will return to the Progress Report (Option 1) Screen 1.Click the cursor in the Measurable Annual Goal data entry box. 2.Go to EDIT and select PASTE (or use the Control V to paste the information in the data entry box)

38 Note: If additional goals such as Reading, Math, Spelling, etc. have been written for a student, repeat the process until all measurable goals have been added. Once the measurable goals have been copied into the Annual Progress Report form they are saved in this format. They can be updated each reporting period and printed from this form for the entire IEP year.

39 Then…When all the measurable goals have been added… 1. Click a check mark in the appropriate check box indicating the extent of progress in achieving each annual goal. 2. Use the drop down to click in any additional comments from the z-load Progress Report or set the cursor in this field to continue the explanation of the progress in the Additional Comments field.

40 This form will be saved and progress can be updated during each of the report periods for the entire school year.

41 How is the Report of Progress On Annual Goals Option 1 different from Option 2?

42 Report of Progress On Annual Goals (Option 2) Can be used by Districts to report student progress for each of the measurable Annual IEP goals during each reporting period AND in addition… It can be used to accompany Data Charts of progress. It is not used to update progress on the objectives & benchmarks.

43 REPORT OF PROGRESS ON ANNUAL GOALS Option 2 Option 2 does not use check boxes as in Option 1 to indicate progress made toward the measurable IEP annual goal(s) Progress can be clicked in from the drop down or keyed into the Report of Progress field. Charts of progress can be attached to this form.

44 How to use Report of Progress Option 2 From the Forms Menu select: Progress Report Options 2. Next select: Progress Report Option 2 1.

45 How to use Report of Progress Option 2 Select a Student

46 How to use Report of Progress Option 2 Check the Report period 1 st, 2nd, 3rd,4 th Quarter and then Check Type of Report: Report Card Progress Report Parent Conference Click on the IEP GOALS/OBJECTIVES button to go to the IEP Goals and Objectives form

47 IEP Goals & Objectives Form Use the Search (Binoculars) icon to select a student 1. Highlight the measurable Goal Statement. 2.Go to EDIT and select COPY 3.Close the door on the screen and 4. Return to Progress Report Option 2

48 Return to Progress Report Option 2 1. Set cursor in Measurable Annual Goal Field and then 2. Go to EDIT and 3. Select PASTE 4. Use the drop down to click in progress comments or set the cursor in the Report of Progress field and type in progress comments.

49 If additional goals have been written for other curriculum areas, repeat the process until all of the measurable goals have been added and updated. This form will be saved and progress can be updated during each of the report periods for the entire school year.

50 ADDITIONAL ISSUES TO CONSIDER WHEN USING ISBE PROGRESS REPORTS Options 1 & 2 Review with your school district the method you should use to write measurable goals especially if you plan to use the ISBE Progress Reports Options 1 and 2. Also you must find out how you are required to manage the update of the Objectives and Benchmarks noted in the original IEP Goals & Objectives/Benchmarks form

51 REMINDER: Dont forget to Clean Up and Back Up your database!

52 Database Cleanup It is best to have only 1 of most forms on a child (excluding Goals & Objectives) in the database The forms should reflect the latest information about the child Instead of starting a new form each time, Edit the previous one. This will keep the reports up to date

53 Database Clean up At least once a year each case manager should clean up their students files in H.E.L.P. Students who have moved or exited Special Education Programs should be saved (if necessary) and then deleted. This can be done in Client Intake. A good way to check the cleanup is to use the Reports Menu.

54 Dont forget to Back Up your Data If you are using H.E.L.P. on a Network server back up is done automatically for you each day However, if you are using H.E.L.P. on a standalone machine you need to do your own backup.

55 Dont forget the Manual In every edition of H.E.L.P. the most recent manual is available on screen It can be viewed or printed in its entirety or by the selected page(s) The Table of Contents screen is linked to the pages in the Manual so a click will take you to the information you need There is also an index of topics.

56 QUESTIONS? Dont forget… Our website: Our phone number: 618.533.4525 Weve Cooked up an IEP Solution

57 Frequently Asked Questions 1.How do I back-up my database? 2.Can I use a floppy disk (1.44 mgs) to back-up my program? 3.How do I use a USB drive to back-up my program? 4.Are there others ways store my back-up files? 5.How can I burn my back up on a CD?

58 Before backing up your database you will need to decide which type of data source you will use to hold the exported data.

59 Do NOT try to export or back up data to a floppy disk. H.E.L.P. files are larger than the capacity of a floppy disk. You must use a larger data source to move the data

60 What are the larger data source options? 1.A USB key (sometimes called a Flash drive, thumb drive, jump drive or Cruzer drive) OR 2.A folder either on the computer or a server drive OR 2.Burn the exported data onto a CD

61 How do I use these larger data source options?

62 How to use a USB key USB keys usually are easily recognized by Windows 2000 or above. (Some Windows 98 users have reported difficulty when attempting to use a USB key) Insert the USB key into one of the USB ports available on your computer

63 Your computer will assign the USB device a drive letter. In this case it has name it Removable Disk (E:) At this window select: Take no Action or Cancel Remember the Drive Letter name that was assigned by the computer.

64 Or you could go to MY COMPUTER Look for the drive letter for the Removable Disk

65 After your computer has assigned a drive letter to your USB drive You are ready to use the export feature in H.E.L.P. to export data to this drive.

66 What if I do not have or have the capability to use a USB drive? You can either make a folder on the hard drive of your machine (or if you have access to the schools server from your machine) you can make a folder in your allotted space on the schools server to receive your exported data.

67 How can I make an export folder? You must create a file folder on your hard drive or the schools server drive that can function as a source for your exported data. Here is HOW to do it…

68 Click on My Computer Go to START, PROGRAMS, Click on the My Computer icon on your desktop Just follow these instructions… OR

69 Click on the C: icon (this is your hard drive) NEXT… NOTE: If you are logged on to the school server you will be able to find the server drive in the list that is presented on your computer. Click on the drive letter (for example U:\) and locate your allotted space.

70 Right Click in the blank space to the side or bottom of the folders

71 In the pop-up window click on NEW and in the extension click on FOLDER A pop-up window will appear:

72 The label, New Folder will be highlighted. While it is highlighted key in the name of the folder: i.e. temp or spec ed After keying in the name of the new folder, click in a blank area in this window to set (take off the highlight) the name of the folder that was just keyed in. The New Folder will appear in the window.

73 To make a folder on the server You must be logged on to the server Go to My Computer and locate the server. It will have a drive letter and name, for example: U:\ Locate your allotted space on the server. Create a folder in this space as per the previous instructions on how to create a folder and give it a name such as backup Once this is set up you will be able to see the folder when you browse to find its location.

74 Now you are ready to make your backup of your database.

75 How to Export Data Open the H.E.L.P. program. From the Main Menu click on SYSTEM MAINTENANCE

76 How do I back up my data? On the main menu select System Maintenance

77 At the next screen select System Maintenance

78 At System Maintenance Screen 2 select Export Data:

79 To back-up your entire H.E.L.P. database including all clients, client forms and z-loads at the next screen Select: All Information

80 At the Export Screen Select: ALL INFORMATION Use the browse button to find the folder you created or the drive letter of your USB drive or server drive. Click OK to begin the export to the source you selected

81 A H.E.L.P. Browser will appear Click on the down arrow to the right of the Look in: field A directory of locations on your computer will appear.

82 Find the location you have chosen to receive the exported data You will see a list of drives available on your computer. If you are going to use a USB drive look for the drive letter your computer assigned. In this case it is Removable Disk (E:) Double Click on the drive letter to get the drive letter to appear in Look In:

83 To find the folder you created browse to its location To Find the folder you created (in this case the TEMP folder) Click on it and it will appear in the Look in: field

84 You must give the exported file a file name… The Temp folder will appear in the Look in: field No matter if you are using a folder or a USB Removable Disk such as (E:\) you must give the file you are about to export a file name. Key the File name into this field. Do not use commas, slashes dashes, or apostrophes in naming the file. After you have keyed in the File name click OPEN

85 You will return to the Export Screen in H.E.L.P. Then click OK and export will begin The path to the location of the place to which your data will be exported will appear here:

86 When the export is finished.. You will see a message The export is complete OK

87 How do I get the exported data from the folder I exported to on a CD?

88 To Burn a CD Your computer must have the capability to write data to a CD (burn a CD) Open you CD writing program (programs vary with each machine)

89 Go to Start, Programs and select your CD Recording Program

90 NEXT Select Create a Data Disk

91 Select Data Disk

92 Place new CD in the CD drive Click Add Data A browser will open, use the directory in Look in: to find exported data and also find the file name Click Add ADD Add

93 To Burn a CD Then Click button to continue and follow the on screen directions to burn a CD After CD is burned, label and date it with a permanent marker for future reference

94 Arent you glad you have H.E.L.P. ? Both IEPs and Computers have come along way…

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