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Incal Technology Burn-in Board Design and Board Manufacturing

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1 Incal Technology Burn-in Board Design and Board Manufacturing
Contact us at :;Phone: CONFIDENTIAL

2 Burn-In Boards CAD generated designs Single/Two Sided/Multi-layers
Maximum densities High Current, High Frequency Boards designed compatible to any type of Industry ‘Burn-In Systems’ Fast Turn Around Customer Specific CONFIDENTIAL

3 Incal Design Group and Design Tools
Experienced Design Engineering Team Tools: AutoCad Pcad CAM 350 CONFIDENTIAL

4 BIB Design Styles General Styles
Incal’s Infinity System (I-160, XP-160 Styled BIB) Adec 26 Adec 52 Adec 92 Criteria 6-18 Aehr MCC* (we have license to build) THB HAST 85 / 85 Customer Specific Fast Turn Around Design time usually takes 1 – 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the board design / layout. CONFIDENTIAL

5 Burn-in Board Manufacturing
Once a design is complete the following production timeline applies: 2 Weeks Board Fabrication 1 Week Assembly for First Article (if required) 1 -2 Weeks for the balance of the order (depending on the board qty.) Incal standard delivery lead time is 4-6 Weeks from design to completion of the order putting in consideration that the customer will approve design plots and first article board in a timely manner which is usually within 24hrs. CONFIDENTIAL

6 Partial Customer List (IDM, Fabless and Test Houses)
Actel* ASE (ISE)* Altera Atheros AVI-Tech* EAG* Fairchild* ICE* IDT Infineon* Liberty Labs* LSI Logic Maxim National Semi* NXP* Omnivision Qualcomm* Silicon Image* Trio-Tech* Xilinx* Medical (ICD) Companies* (* Also a System Customer) CONFIDENTIAL

7 Summary – Burn-In Business
Dominant Burn-In System Supplier to Major Medical (ICD) Companies State-Of-Art Inspire Burn-In Systems with superior XP-160 Drivers. (see specifications at: Leader in Driver Technology Reliable and quality supplier of Burn-In Boards to many Semiconductor IDM, Fabless Companies. Excellent Applications and Engineering Support CONFIDENTIAL

8 Burn-In-Boards : Design
Burn-In Board Design Features · Power PCB 2004 · Auto Cad (EPD Included) · PCAD · CAM 350 Viewer - Customer Benefits of Checking Designs - Paperless Mechanical Design Features - Solid Works 2004 - Auto Cad 14 CAPABILITIES - Maximum Densities - Application Support - High Current/High Frequency - Impedance Controlled - Fast Turn Around - Board Designs Compatible to non-Incal Systems PCB CAPABILITIES Term Minimum Unit Specification - Inner layer minimum trace width/spacing 2 mils - External layer minimum trace width/spacing 2 mils - Tolerance (+)/(-) 0.5 % - Maximum Board Layers (62 mils thick) 18 - Maximum Board Layers (120 mils thick) 32 - Maximum Board Dimension 26 x 36 Inch MANUFACTURING - SMT and/or Thru Hole QUALITY COMMITMENT · 100% Traceability · 100% Tested (Probe Provided by Customer) · Continuous Quality Control During Process CONFIDENTIAL

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