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U.S. Economic Imperialism in Latin America

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2 U.S. Economic Imperialism in Latin America
Ilwon & Roger

3 Before Independence Latin America worked under landowners
But, only got vouchers(instead of money) Because of dept, people became peonage(slavery class) Because of these factors, they couldn’t develop socially and economically.

4 After Independence Since they were politically instable, Caudillos(dictators) took control over the nation. They only had little experience with democracy, so they thought dictatorship wasn’t an unusual thing.

5 Economic grow After colonial rule is ended
Latin America were not restricted from trading anymore. They traded with other countries and economically grew. Their economic depended on their exports. Railroads, steamboats increased Latin America’s export

6 continued Latin America used some income from trading to support schools, roads, and hospitals.

7 U.S. and L.A. Monroe Doctrine
Since L.A. was afraid of being reconquer, they made a document called “The Monroe Doctrine”. It says that American continents won’t be a subjects for colonization by any European powers.

8 continued Cuba Declares Independence Cuba was under control of Spain
Cuba fought for independence but didn’t work, and gave up Jose Marti, a writer, fought for Cuban independence, and other Cuban followed him. America helped Cuba, and they won. Declares Independence But America installed military government and prevented Cuba from being truly independent.

9 A man a plan a Canal Panama
Land travel was long and difficult. Sea travel was easier but people went around the tip of South America. First French company tried but failed, but Americans kept trying. Built Panama Canal Linked both side of the sea.

10 Roosevelt Corollary To protect Panama Canal, Roosevelt extended the Monroe Doctrine. U.S. has international police power.

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