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“azbil” Solutions for Petrochemical Plant

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1 “azbil” Solutions for Petrochemical Plant
Integrated Open DCS Positioner CV Diagnostics Special Control Valve Pressure Transmitter

2 azbil Open System Platform with a variety of Solution Packages
Yamatake Solution Vision with System Platform PM-EX PM100 AMC Knowledge Power Alarm Analyst PREXION, Electric Shift Log Utility Optimization 3rd party system Integrated HMI DOPC DGFC DGPL Field Client PlantWalker-HV Ex Proof Field Client OperationAnywhere

3 Distill data in multiple sources into useful data
MIB- For Manufacturing data visualization Personalized window presentation images… For Manufacturing Manager For Manufacturing Stuff For Shift Leader Distill data in multiple sources into useful data Personalize useful data for each individual meeting their role and responsibility SOP Shift Log Batch History Plan/Performance Order/Ship Quality Labo Asset Data

4 PREXION – For production monitoring
Technology Control Quality Facility Management Production Operation Infrastructure of production Information system Process historical information user can utilize the information at any time and any accuracy depending on their work. Site performance for Plant Manager Production performance for Production Engineer Process performance for Shift Leader

5 Alarm Analyst - Correlation analysis
Alarm Analyst R20 Correlation Analysis;- Easy to build Knowledge-Base alarm & event model… unique technology From alarm & event historical logs, Correlation Analysis extracts ;- Event groups consisted of the alarms and the operation actions in a process upset Propagation path Source origin Nuisance alarms Total counts in Alarm & Event group Information about Alarm & Event group structure Cause & Effect relationship Cause of alarm flood or complex operation is estimated using order of events occurrence.

6 Clogging of fluid in the body
azbil Solution-oriented Control Valve Clogging of fluid in the body High viscous fluids make clogging problems easily. No dead space and smooth flow through inside the valve body are required. Tank bottom charge valve Y-type slurry angle valve Example 1: PTA plant Example 2: Polypropylene plant

7 azbil Solution-oriented Control Valve
For detailed specification, please contact the sales representative in Azbil India.

8 Valstaff: Diagnostics function of control valve
SVP has diagnostic algorithm and parameter of control valve operating condition. <Diagnostic parameters> Stick Slip Total Stroke Max. Travel Speed Travel histogram Shut Count Cycle Count When the trend of these parameters are monitored… Early detection of control valve abnormality Establishment of control valve maintenance period HMI Application software Valstaff Diagnosis algorithm Smart Valve Postioner <Diagnostic system> Customers can identify normality as the safety of the control valve. Customer can do predictive maintenance of control valve.

9 AT9000(GTX): Impulse-line less instrumentation
Instrumentation with Impulse line Impulse-line Ask customer that they have a impulse line problems or not. If they have and have a perception of this problem, there is a chance to strong appeal of this impulse line less instrumentation. This solution is only Yamatake can provide. Yokogawa has a this small flange remote sealed transmitter, but a performance is poor. Emerson does not have this small flange remote sealed transmitter. ½ inches remote seal type transmitter It enable to remove the Impulse-line with ½ inches remote seal type transmitter . GTX solve the problem with Impulse-line like clogging, corrosion …etc. You can significantly reduce the cost of field maintenance work!

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