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Sookles in Plasticene. Hello Reg! Hello Lellow!

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1 Sookles in Plasticene

2 Hello Reg!

3 Hello Lellow!

4 Hello Azrak!

5 Hello Groon!

6 Who's that?

7 Where?

8 There!

9 Oh! What's your name?

10 My name's Sookles. Sookles is difficult to see.

11 Sookles wants to be yellow like Lellow. Sookles says: Can I borrow it?

12 No! You can't borrow that!

13 Sookles wants to be green like Groon. Groon says: No! Sorry! you can't borrow that!

14 Reg says: Let's grow some hair!

15 Come on Lellow! Let's grow some hair!

16 Come on Azrak! Let's grow some hair!

17 Come on everyone! Let's all grow some hair! Now everyone's got hair.

18 And Reg's got some scissors!

19 Thankyou Reg!

20 Scissors are for adults!

21 Snip! Snip! Snip!

22 Now we take the hair.

23 And bend it...

24 To make circles!

25 Now there are lots of circles!

26 And we can put them on Sookles!

27 Now we can see Sookles!

28 Sookles can borrow the circles. Sookles can have the circles!

29 Goodbye!...that's it!

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