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Securing your Social Networking Profile Presented by: Kevin O'Brien Division of IT SF State.

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1 Securing your Social Networking Profile Presented by: Kevin O'Brien Division of IT SF State

2 The top vectors Facebook Twitter Google (+ Youtube) And others

3 A segue from online security to your personal security Letting your online profile all hang out: So you follow no security protocols

4 How vulnerable are you? Your online profile is all information and accounts available online that are identifiable as being associated with you Potential problems: Cyberstalking Identity and credit theft Workplace disciplinary actions Malicious e-mails Pranks from friends

5 Does your privacy even matter?

6 Employers use online info A recent Harris Interactive survey for found that 45 percent of employers use social networks to screen job candidates," he says. "Another study done by Microsoft put the number even higher, finding that 70 percent of recruiters and hiring managers look online for information about applicants. 1 1 According to a new study by Proofpoint...17 percent report having issues with employees use of social media. And, 8 percent of those companies report having actually dismissed someone for their behavior on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn 2 2 Anyone can see who has viewed their profile on LinkedIn

7 With friends like these who needs enemies... The project entailed creating a blatantly false identity of a woman claiming to work for in military intelligence and then enrolling on various social networking websites. Ryan deliberately chose an attractive young females picture to prove that sex and appearance plays in trust and peoples eagerness to connect with someone. By the end of the 28-day experiment, Robin finished the month having accumulated hundreds of connections through various social networking sites. Contacts included executives at government entities such as the NSA, DOD and Military Intelligence groups. Other friends came from Global 500 corporations. Throughout the experiment Robin was offered gifts, government and corporate jobs, and options to speak at a variety of security conferences, said Ryan. Whats even more startling: much of the information revealed to Robin Sage violated OPSEC procedures. Fake friend

8 What can you do about it? Secure your computer Change your browsing habits Use privacy tools Read privacy statements Be proactive! (Create profiles and search for yourself)

9 Facebook Vulnerable Logging in and staying logged in Passwords External sites know your information Solution Uncheck keep me logged in Delete cookies. Account Settings Account Security Text 'otp' to 32665 for a 1-time only pass Account Settings Privacy Settings Turn off instant personalization Turn off instant personalization

10 Facebook and others Problem Photos of you, while not at your best Solutions? Keep your profile private. Untag photos of u

11 What does FB know about you? OpenBook FB id gaffe When you search for something on Bing or inweb results on Facebook (powered by Bing), you'll be able to see your friends' faces next to web pages they've liked. Instant Personalization See what others can see using

12 What is FB Sharing on u?

13 Facebook privacy settings Account Settings Privacy

14 Twitter Vulnerable Tweets are public by default (All your tweets are being kept by the Library of Congress, among others) Location based tweets give info Apps can access all your info if you let them (including direct messages!) Solution Make tweets private Turn off location Refuse access to apps and remove access to previous ones*

15 Twitter

16 Google + Youtube What Google knows about you Google tends to show data first, ask later Who has access? Google CEO Eric Schmidt stated: If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

17 What else can you do? Read privacy statements Log out of accounts Pay attention to Be very careful when clicking on Facebook buttons and links on external sites Use Facebook DisconnectFacebook Disconnect Consider open social alternatives (Appleseed, Diaspora,etc.) Keep enjoying being social! =)

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