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Role of Geography in the 13 Colonies

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1 Role of Geography in the 13 Colonies
oceans mountains plains R I V E s Natural resources coastlines Length of Growing season Soil quality Temperature and climate

2 Role of Geography in the 13 Colonies
Natural resources mountains oceans Length of Growing season coastlines R I V E s plains Soil quality Temperature & climate Bodies of Water Landforms Climate 1

3 1. What are the 3 Groups of Colonies?
A. New England, Middle, Western B. Northern, Middle , Southern C. New England, Middle , Southern D. New England, Northern, Western

4 New England Climate Coolest climate Worst soil fertility
Shortest growing season Short warm summers Long cold winters 2

5 2. Which best describes New England’s Climate?
A. Warm, fertile soil B. Colder, fertile soil C. Warmest, Fertile soil D. Coldest, least fertile soil

6 How Did New England Adapt?
Less farming and more ocean related jobs 3

7 A. Fisherman B. Sail maker C. Tobacco farmer D. Shipbuilder
3. Which of these jobs does NOT shows how well New England adapted to its geography? A. Fisherman B. Sail maker C. Tobacco farmer D. Shipbuilder

8 How Did New England Adapt to Its Harsh Climate?
Atlantic Coastline had plenty of harbors and ports Forests of New England held plenty of lumber and shipping supplies Trees provided ship building material 4

9 New England Subsistence ( farming to eat) Farmers
Some farming took place Appalachian Mountains eroded into valleys Rocks had to be removed from fields These rocks were good building materials 5

10 4. Why does a subsistence farmer plant his crops?
A. He wants to sell them for money B. He wants to feed them to his family C. He wants to grow cash crops D. All of the above

11 New England Ocean Related Jobs
6 Fishing Shipping Whaling Commerce and Trade

12 5. Why did New Englanders turn to the ocean for jobs?
A. b/c they found ships when they arrived in New England B. b/c the land and climate made farming difficult C. b/c they didn’t want to be farmers D. b/c their plow was broken

13 Middle Colonies Climate
7 Warmer winters Warm summers Very fertile mountain valleys * Longer growing season than New England

14 6. Which best describes how the Middle Colonies climate was different than the New England Colonies?
A. Middle Colonies were further north B. Middle Colonies were colder C. Middle Colonies were rockier D. None of the above

15 How Did the Middle Colonies Adapt?
Lots of Good Grain farming on small farms without slaves Lots of good ocean jobs like fishing and trade in Philadelphia and New York City Middle colonies got the best of New England and the Southern Colonies 8

16 How Did The Middle Colonies Adapt To Its Climate?
9 Longer growing season Less rocky soil than New England Warmer climate Lead to GREAT cash crop (farming for money not to eat)

17 How Did The Middle Colonies Adapt To Its Climate?
9 Farm: Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, and Wheat Forest: Timber Ocean: Fish Other: Furs & Iron

18 Middle Colonies = Breadbasket
Middle colonies grew lots of grain cash crops So much they were the leading flour producers That is why they are called Breadbasket Colonies 10 A 10 B

19 7. Which of the following doesn’t fit the Middle Colonies?
A. Breadbasket Colonies B. Lots of subsistence farming C. Lots of grains like wheat, corn, Quaker oats D. Lots of flour

20 Middle Colonies Had Great Ports
Delaware River had the port of Philadelphia,Pennsyl-vania Hudson River had the Port of New York City 11

21 Middle Colony Ocean Jobs?
Fishing Shipping Ship Building 12

22 8. How are the Middle Colonies like the New England Colonies?
A. The Middle Colonies have ocean jobs too B. The Middle Colonies have rocky soil too C. The Middle Colonies have long cold winters D. all of the above

23 Southern Colonies Climate
13 Short mild winters Long warm summer Longest growing season Most fertile soil on coastal plains

24 9. What color on the map represents the warmest growing season for farming?
A. dark green B. light green C. Yellow D. red

25 Southern Colonies Adapt to Warmer Climate
Grow Cash Crops Tobacco Indigo Rice Sugar After 1793 Cotton 14

26 How Did Southern Colonies Adapt To Its Warm Climate?
Lots of plantation farming and small farmers Not much else Farming was too Good! 14 Again

27 10. What type of crops did the Southern Colonies grow?
A. Subsistence farming B. Cash crops using slaves C. Cash crops not using slaves D. Wheat, corn, and Quaker Oats

28 Quiz Answers 1. C D 2. D B 3. C A 4. B D 5. B B

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