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Integrated Building Management – Success Stories using Echelon & Broadwin (with others too!)

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1 Integrated Building Management using LON devices with WebAccess (in Asia)

2 Integrated Building Management – Success Stories using Echelon & Broadwin (with others too!)
Intelligent Building “5A level” Shopping Center (China) LON Devices: HVAC & Lighting. 1 WebAccess node to integrate: LON, Elevators, Power, Water and Security Integrated Building Management System 44 story Office Tower (Japan) LON Devices: HVAC & Lighting. 3 WebAccess nodes to integrate: LON, Elevators, water, power, Energy Management System (EMS) and Facilities Management System (FMS)

3 Success Stories - Echelon & Broadwin
Who is Broadwin? Software Developer San Francisco Bay Area, California Product Concept HMI & SCADA software (front-end) A “complete” Web Browser automation solution. Designed using web technology Web capabilities integral to product not a “patch” to legacy software

4 What Is WebAccess Software?
Web Browser-based HMI and SCADA software Industrial control systems Building automation Facilities automation. Animated Graphics Real time data Alarms Trends Video 3rd Party Applications! EMS, FMS, security HMI   Human Machine Interface SCADA   Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

5 Intelligent Building 智能楼宇监控系统简介 万霖广场 Won Lin Square
Won Lin Square is located in Beijing. It includes a retail shopping, offices, conference center and entertainment facilities. 万霖广场位于北京上地开 发中心,是一座集办公,商 场,会议,娱乐为一体的综 合性智能建筑,并达到5A级 智能大厦标准。 Won Lin Square Technology from Echelon and Broadwin is used to implement a “5A Intelligent building.”

6 Intelligent Building functional description
Public lighting control modes: automatic schedule or manual control. Air-conditioning system monitor including inlet and outlet temperatures, air flow and cooling water. Elevator monitoring includes running status, malfunctions & accumulated run-time. Monitor the parking lot. Integrate CCTV. 万霖广场 Won Lin Square 公共照明的控制方式可以是:计算机时间表自动控制开或关 ,手动控制开或关,灯组控制。 空调系统包括监测送风,回风温度,手/自动状态切换,新 风,回风阀开关控制等。 监测每部电梯的运行状态和故障状,统计电梯累计运行时间。 监测停车场,门禁读卡机等设备故障状态 集成CCTV

7 Intelligent Building Network
万霖广场 Won Lin Square The building control system includes HVAC, illumination, elevators, water, and power distribution. WebAccess is the common interface to all these systems. 楼宇自控系统包含有空调,冷热源,照明,电梯,给排水,送排风,变配电等子系统。下面是它的总体架:

8 Intelligent Building Air Handler Unit Graphic Display
监控系统画面例举 空调系统:

9 Intelligent Building Lighting Controls – Graphic Display

10 Intelligent Building Controls – integrated Video Display

11 Intelligent Building 万霖广场 Won Lin Square Using WebAccess allowed the integration of multiple systems into a single user interface. 利用WebAccess作为整个广场的监控和管理平台系统,将各个子系统有机结合,从而实现集中控制目的。

12 Integrated Building Management System 44-floor Office Tower
40 floors plus 4 basement floors 66,000 sq. feet per floor 3 million sq. feet LON devices control lighting, heating, cooling 120,000 network variables WebAccess is interface to: LON Building Automation Server (BAS) Energy Management Server (BEMS) Facilites Equipment Management System (FMS) Tokyo (Japan) LonWorks 120,000 nvi’s, nvos 3 WebAccess SCADA nodes 200 customers

13 Integrated Building Management System 44-floor Office Tower network diagram
LON network on each floor LON devices control lighting and HVAC Gateway/Scheduler on each floor 3 redundant WebAccess SCADA nodes collect real-time data, alarms and trends Schedules downloaded daily from BAS Server to LON Gateway/Schedulers EMS monitors & analyzes energy usage FMS server monitors equipment, creates work orders

14 Integrated Building Management System 44-floor Office– typical floor display
WebAccess HMI supplies dynamic graphic displays in a web browser A graphic for each floor Monitors Zone Temperatures, lighting, fans, CO2, elevators, heating, cooling, etc.

15 Integrated Building Management System typical display- Electric Power
WebAccess also monitors and interfaces to controls for: electric power distribution cooling and heating systems

16 Integrated Building Management System typical display Data Log Trend
WebAccess collects and records real time data for: Energy Usage Equipment Status Controls

17 Integrated Building Management System typical display - Energy Management (EMS)
WebAccess records data to RDBMS database for use by the Energy Management System (EMS). WebAccess Client provides interface to the EMS. Advanced Charting of Energy Usage. Trend Analysis

18 Integrated Building Management System typical display - Facilities Management (FMS)
WebAccess used as the common interface for multiple systems: HVAC (LON) Lighting (LON) Infrastructure (Modbus) EMS FMS

19 Update: Shanghai Water System – Tai Lakes Basin (China) – Phase 2
Water SCADA system Phase II coming Phase 1 successfully implemented at 30 sites Unmanned Facilities Remotely Monitor and Operate Gates Implemented by: Broadwin Shanghai office Typical Gate Graphic Display – Shanghai Water District

20 Update: Shanghai Water System – Tai Lakes Basin (China) – Phase 2
i.LON® 100s Echelon devices at each Flood Gate Video cameras At each Flood Gate Fiber-optic WAN to connect gates to Central Control Room

21 Update: Shanghai Water System – Tai Lakes Basin (China) – Phase 2

22 Shanghai Water Flood Control – Tai Lakes Basin (China)
Integrated Video a key feature Mix Video with dynamic animation, trends and alarms.

23 Integrate multiple communication protocols / devices into 1 system
Manufacturer or Standard Models Advantech ADAM 4000, 5000, 6000 Allen-Bradley PLC-5/11, 5/20, 5/30, 5/40, 5/40L, 5/60, 5/60L. SLC-500 Series Models: SLC 5/03, 5/04, 5/05 via DF1 Automation Direct DirectLogic PLC Series: 105, 205, 305, 405 DDE DDE Client (Dynamic Data Exchange) Echelon LON All LONWORKS networks via the PCC-10, PCLTA-10, PCLTA-20, PCNSI, SLTA-10, or PL-SLTA. Or a Remote Network Interface (RNI) using the i.LON10 or iLON100 GE Fanuc GE Fanuc Serial 9030 and 9070 via SNP Mitsubishi Melsec Series PLCs A, AnA, FX, Q Modicon Modbus TCPIP and Serial Omron Series C, CJ, CH, E5 PLCs and FINS Gateway OPC OPC Client – OLE for Process Control Siemens S7- 200, 300, 400 SNMP SNMP Client (Simple Network Management Protocol) York Controls York Integrated Systems Network (ISN) via EDC Module - Extended Digital Controller 

24 The “Complete solution” for Web browser-based automation
Web browser access to real-time data in automation systems Web browser to develop, deploy and support over the internet Remote Software Administration True Internet Accessibility Desktops, laptops, handheld PC, PDA, Pocket PC Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, CE T1, DSL down to 33.6K High Performance design for the Web Vector based graphics ActiveX control – full animation Client for Internet Explorer 6.0 JPEG and GIF “snapshots” for PDA and Pocket PC using CE Web application management tools Centralized Database Server for all “nodes” in system Enable an average user to deploy and maintain a web based system

25 The “Complete solution” for Web browser-based automation
All operations performed over the Internet (or intranet) using a web browser. Real-time data and control for building engineers and operators Monitor, control, acknowledge alarms, change setpoints, schedule lighting and temperature setbacks, start and stop equipment, view trends, data logging and reports. Remote support by engineers and technicians. All engineering, configuration, programming, and technical support using an ordinary web browser. Reduced travel costs, faster response Remote Access to ordinary users Schedule and turn on lights, heating and cooling.

26 WebAccess: Implement leading-edge Web Technology
Combine multiple systems via common User Interface: Video, Security, Fire, water, power, HVAC, lighting Web browsers, , Relational Database Systems Energy Management & Equipment Management Systems. Local Support in Asia Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Yokohama Native Asian Language Support Chinese, Korean, Japanese High Performance design for the Web Designed for the Web, using web technology Not a patch to legacy software Turn “Automation” into “Integrated Building Management”

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