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ScaleDB Transactional Shared Disk storage engine for MySQL

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1 ScaleDB Transactional Shared Disk storage engine for MySQL
Moshe Shadmon, Founder, CTO

2 MySQL-ScaleDB Interface
The product Storage Layer MySQL-ScaleDB Interface DBMS/Apps Storage Engine

3 ScaleDB Benefits Enables open source DBMS (eg: MySQL) to operate as clustered, high end database Scales applications in cloud environments No need to change the applications Provides high performance Provides unified data store

4 Shared Disk vs. Shared Nothing
SQL Server DB2 (Unix) MySQL PostgreSQL Oracle RAC IBM - DB2, IMS (MF) ScaleDB Masters Slaves

5 Shared Disk vs Shared Nothing
Storage Per DBMS machine Shared storage (NAS/SAN) Scalability By data partitioning By adding CPU Scaling complexity High Low High Availability Master-Slave Multi-Masters HA complexity Implemented By MySQL PostgreSQL SQL Server DB2 (Unix) Oracle RAC IBM on mainframe (DB2/IMS) ScaleDB Shared disk provides “out of the box” scalability and availability Currently available with the high end commercial databases only

6 The Virtualized Cloud Database
Server 1 OSS DBMS ScaleDB VM MySQL Server Server 2 OSS DBMS OSS DBMS ScaleDB VM OSS DBMS ScaleDB VM OSS DBMS ScaleDB VM OSS DBMS ScaleDB VM Storage Engine Local Disk Shared Nothing Shared Storage Shared Disk

7 Deploying ScaleDB … (Physical or VM nodes) Application Layer
Database Layer (Physical or VM nodes) Node 1 Node 2 Node N DBMS DBMS DBMS ScaleDB Cluster Manager ScaleDB ScaleDB ScaleDB ScaleDB Standby Cluster Manager Shared Storage Shared Storage Storage Layer

8 Benefits of ScaleDB Technology
High Availability – No single point of failure If a node fails – a different node takes over If the cluster manager fails – the standby cluster manager is initiated to manage the cluster Scalability No limit on the number of nodes that can join the cluster Algorithms to minimize the need to communicate Performance Innovative, high performance, general purpose indexing

9 ScaleDB’s Internal Architecture
Applications XML ScaleDB Cluster Manager ScaleDB API Transaction Manager Index Manager Data Manager ScaleDB Node Global Buffer Manager Lock Manager Local Lock Manager Buffer Manager Global Lock Manager Global Lock Coordinator Log Manager Global Recovery Manager Recovery Manager Storage Manager File System Storage Devices Storage Devices

10 Distributed Lock Manager
ScaleDB Cluster Manager ScaleDB Node H List W List Node 1 R/W Node 1 R Node 2 R/W Node 2 R Read Customer Info DBMS X Index translates logical id to Row ID Table Y Shared DBMS lock Node 2 R/W Block Z Shared Table lock Shared Row lock File System Storage Devices Storage Devices

11 Shared Disk in the Cloud
Cloud provides Scalability and HA Scalability - Enables dynamic allocation of computing and storage Availability – Multiple servers over the same physical data High performance Reduces Management Overhead Reduced tuning and partitioning support No manual slave promotion or replication

12 Performance / Scalability
Benchmarks Join operations using Multi-Table index Sysbench TPCC Example multiple MySQL + ScaleDB nodes on Amazon EC2 Demo

13 Benchmark multi-table index

14 Sysbench Performance on EC2
2303 TPS 2033 1764 1494 Other Engine 1224 ScaleDB Transactions Per Second 954 775 TPS 685 415 1 Number of Nodes

15 Current & Future Work Optimizing TPCC – soon to be published
Integrating with other environments GA – later this year Demo

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