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IBAP Meeting November 12, 2010

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1 IBAP Meeting November 12, 2010

2 Q: Whats up with 3G? Thai courts blocked the 3G auction in October But we now have 3G throughout Bangkok, Chiang Mai We even have real 3G on the west coast of Phuket How is that possible? Er, um, TIT… (no, not TOT)

3 Remember AM and FM radio?

4 3G can use different spectrums The older spectrum – roughly analogous to AM Called 850 MHz Controlled by CAT and TOT The newer spectrum –roughly analogous to FM Called 2.1 GHz Not controlled by anybody - the government can sell it Used by most countries for 3G phones The blocked auction was for this second spectrum CAT filed the lawsuit that stopped the auction

5 3G – Plan B Companies wanting to sell 3G must buy from TOT or CAT True and DTAC need 3G to support the iPhone 3G (and 4G) No auction means theyre stuck True (controlled by CP Group) uses CAT DTAC (49% Norwegian owned) also uses CAT Others (AIS/1-2-Call, iFox) use TOT CAT has a few 3G towers in western Phuket If TOT has 3G towers in Phuket, I didnt find them Thats why iFox doesnt work

6 What is 3G? 4G? Mostly its marketing hype – sizzle, not steak Anybody can call anything 3G Look for the technology called HSPA – thats real 3G Lawsuits are flying in the US right now over 4G Sprint says it has 4G Last week, T-Mobile started advertising 4G The ITU says both of them are full of hype What really matters is the speed, not the G string


8 The fastest wireless Internet If youre running between Nai Harn and the Airport Go to True and get an unlimited 3G phone number Itll cost B 800/month – the dongle is about B 2,000 Speeds run from 2 Mbps in Patong to 5 Mbps in Laguna But it could change tomorrow CATs CDMA EV-DO card is still a good choice Itll work in most of Thailand, except BKK and nearby Cost is about the same as Trues 3G Runs from 0.5 Mbps to 2 Mbps, depending on location To share a connection, get a MiFi box

9 The fastest wired Internet Internet speeds have changed wildly – to the better But reliability is getting worse Speeds vary widely, depending on location Right now, Trues 10 Mbps ADSL is best for new service But many places cant get lines In some locations, 3BB and TOT work well, too But in other locations, theyre horrible TOTs Fiber Optic is getting faster But it costs five times as much as True CAT has Fiber Optic, but speeds are a joke


11 What you need to know Every Internet Service Provider has good and bad lines Surprisingly, complaining helps sometimes Watch to see whats happening near you If you want a wired line, get True 6 Mbps or 10 Mbps Cant get it? Try 3BB 6 Mbps or 10 Mbps If a clerk tells you that a 6 Mbps line wont work internationally, theyre full of, uh, hot air If you want wireless, much depends on where you live True 3G works well in some parts of western Phuket CAT EV-DO works reasonably well all over Phuket

12 Whatll happen next Thailand may never get a 3G (2.1 GHz HSPA) auction There are many vested interests oinking loudly Thats not necessarily bad – LTE technology is faster Fiber optic will come down in price Heaven only knows if international speeds will stay high TOT and CAT emphasize domestic, not international, speed New services likely – I look forward to IPTV If youre confused about all the 3G talk, dont worry Most newspaper reporters in BKK dont understand either

13 What you can do Keep up on the technology Phuket is a hotspot for computer people – really Watch for seminars – Facebook, for example, went well Get the facts Whining doesnt help But numbers can be persuasive, especially in baht Post your speeds at, and use the data! Unique in all of Asia Ask questions –even dumb ones– at the Computer Clinics Sunday mornings, 10:00, various locations

14 FREE Computer Clinic sessions every Sunday Check Events Calendar

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