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Plantronics Headsets in the Public Sector Charles Green Plantronics Public Sector Tech Data TST, Washington, DC April 2010.

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1 Plantronics Headsets in the Public Sector Charles Green Plantronics Public Sector Tech Data TST, Washington, DC April 2010

2 2 Agenda Plantronics and the Public Sector The Plantronics Public Sector Why Plantronics is Focused on Public Sector Plantronics Strengths in the Public Sector Government Solutions Healthcare Solutions Public Safety, ATC, Dispatch Solutions Education Solutions Prime Contractor and DOD Solutions Resources Q and A

3 3 The Plantronics Public Sector Federal Government GSA Contract and Open Market Sales Prime Contractors to the Federal Government State, Local, Country Government Prime Contractors to any of the above Public Safety Education Markets Kindergarten thru College/University (K-16) College Campus Resellers, Book and Computer Stores Health Care Public and Private Sector Not-for-Profit Organizations, Associations

4 4 Why Plantronics is Focused on Public Sector Part of our Heritage and Success We have earned a solid Credibility If its Mission Critical, its Plantronics A very Large and Growing Segment Generally well Funded, high Spending Receives less Focus than Private Sector Excellent PLT Reputation Many PLT Products Fit Very Well

5 5 Plantronics Strengths in Public Sector Strengths and Capabilities A member of Tech Data TechEDG High Quality, Reliability and Service Products match well with many PS Apps Dedication and Consistency to Gov Sector Customization via Special Products GSA Contract holder for many years Dedicated PLT Public Sector Sales Team Large Field Sales Org – and Support An American Company A proven heritage (FAA, NASA, DOD) An understanding of UC and other technologies that enhance productivity with Public Sector Customers

6 6 Government Solutions The Government uses most of the same Plantronics Products used in Private Sector Benefits leading to a sale are similar: Reliability, Sound Quality and Service/Support Productivity – Doing more with less Many solutions for Phone, PC & Mobile Office wireless – Phone or Phone/PC multimedia Office wireless – Mobile phone/PC multimedia Corded solutions for the Desk Phone and PC/UC Mobile Bluetooth for personnel in the Field Solutions for Teleworkers (fast growing segment) Remember: Where security is an issue, Plantronics corded headsets and PTT handsets provide the Ultimate for Secured Communications One of the biggest Fed opportunities is with Plantronics Specials Products in DOD More in a bit on Special Products

7 7 Healthcare Solutions Fastest Growing Public Sector Segment Corded and Wireless Telephone Headsets.Audio line for CBT and PC based applications EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Initiatives Corded/Wireless solutions for VR, Speech-to-Text –PDAs, Recording Devices, Computer Based Bluetooth Wireless for Traditional Mobile Phones Other HC Specific Applications Savi Office, Multi Shift Use at Nursing Stations Each user: Separate Wireless Headset, Charging Base Plantronics Healthcare Brochure Can be custom imprinted with Reseller/Dealer Name A copy included in our Info Packet

8 8 Public Safety, ATC and Dispatch Solutions Plantronics is a recognized World Leader with Mission Critical products for 911, Aviation, ATC, Emergency Dispatch and First Responder deployment Plantronics heritage is heavily based in Aviation, Space Exploration and E-911 Plantronics founded by two airline pilots in 1961 Neil Armstrongs 1969 moonwalk words via a Plantronics Headset The SHS1890 is the PTT Adapter of choice for Dispatch The CA12CD Wireless PTT Adapter has cut the cable Plantronics wide line of Aviation Headsets for Pilots A close association with NASA since the Mercury Flights Plantronics holds a Multi-Year Sole Source/requirements Contract with the FAA, Department of Transportation Plantronics is a Member of NENA and APCO

9 9 Education Solutions – K-12 and Higher Ed Admin, Classroom/Lab and Dorm Administration and Office –Traditional Corded and Wireless Language Labs, CBT Center –.Audio USB/Sound Card, Digital/Analog – Wireless for PODCasting, Classroom Computer, Dorm and Student Entertainment –Music, Gaming, Online Chat/Telephony Campus Computer/Bookstore Opportunities for Reselling many Models

10 10 Prime Contractor and DOD Solutions Plantronics Special Products Group Custom Engineering/Design within Plantronics Based in PLT HQ Santa Cruz, California 9,000 Custom Solution Headsets Adaption and Modification to specific customer needs for feature, function and capability Products sold into all Branches of the Military and are Available to All PLT Distributors and Channel Partners Contact Plantronics Public Sector Sales for details on how to engage the Special Products Group

11 11 Resources Plantronics PS Team Training Modules Channel Presentations Public Sector Channel Program Joint PS Customer Calls PS related Trade Shows Come see many of our products and pick up an informational packet at the Table Top Event this week!

12 Q&A

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