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1 Incubating Global eBusinesses in Pakistan Altaf H. Khan

2 Overview Mission Key Strengths Main Risks What do we look for? Incubation process Wrap up

3 Mission to assist entrepreneurs in transforming their great Internet ideas into world-class businesses

4 Key Strengths Leadership experienced in international corporate finance & cutting-edge IT businesses Mentor-investors network spread all over the world; concentrations in Asia & North America Network of value-adding business partners Toolbox of professional service providers

5 Partner Network Our partners provide services and products of high-quality on attractive terms Many of our partners offer their services and products in return of equity or a combination of cash and equity

6 Partner Network KASB/Merrill Lynch – HK – Canada Sidat Hyder Morshed Mandviwala & Zafar

7 Partner Network KASB/Merrill Lynch – HK – Canada Sidat Hyder Morshed Mandviwala & Zafar Network Center – Dubai Worldtel Meca Netcom KASBIT

8 Toolbox Services Unique set of services, provided by independent organizations that are closely affiliated with us They accelerate development, improve quality, and reduce expenses of our startups

9 Toolbox Services SenSync Media (Pvt) Ltd is already operational; following are planned for the near future: –Software dev –Software quality assurance –Human resource dev –Public relations

10 Main Risks Internet entrepreneurs may not show up in enough numbers Mentor-investors may not show interest in Pakistan-based investments The entrepreneurs will not be mature enough to run their businesses after the incubation stage

11 What Do We Look For? An innovative idea A huge target market A reasonable execution strategy A persistent, energetic, smart team

12 Business Process Online signup + biz plan Biz plan improvement Seed investment Incubation Mentor-investments Toolbox services Partner services Later-stage fund raising Business legal & technical advice

13 Incubation Process Skill requirements analysis Team formation Weekly milestone planning Milestone monitoring Advice in business, legal, technical matters Partner & toolbox services Mentor-investor selection Incorporation

14 Managed-Workspace Instant-workspace expedites time to market Lowers operating costs Increases valuation as management is focusing on strategic activities rather than developing and managing infrastructure Established, professional office allows the startup to project a high-growth, professional image

15 Managed-Workspace Furnished, secure, 24x7 office space Conference rooms Networked computers & telecomm facilities Generator, UPSes Accounting, HR, admin, secretarial, computer support personnel

16 Mentor-Investors Individual & institutional investors who bring added value to our portfolio of ventures due to their: –Inside knowledge of the target industry –Industry contacts We present the business plan to them and handle the subsequent legal & financial matters

17 Timeline Technical & financial due diligence1 week Business plan improvement1 week Incubation phase3 months

18 Summary We invest in global eBusinesses based in Pakistan Our services add value by: –Lowering risk –Reducing time-to-market –Improving quality –Decreasing costs


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