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Kara Lewis Collections Information Program Manager.

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1 Kara Lewis Collections Information Program Manager

2 Original plan: implement in Phase II, Fall 2006 Stymied by… Other priorities A complicated history Miscommunication Hurt feelings

3 February 2009, the planets aligned… Collections Search online! Repatriation focused on getting files in order Better communication Meetings one-on-one

4 The basics What do other people need to know? What is the process? How to complement other efforts? What items are under claim? Common threads? What are EMus strengths?

5 Keep it simple Our tendency to over-design Usefulness of already existing structure Understand needs better after use

6 Conceived to hold projects Can link to objects to flag them Can add dates and people Can link to related Events With other projects that limit objects use

7 Create one Event per stage Keeps snapshot Points out discrepancies Allows for more detail Can trigger icons Better searching

8 1. Claimed – Pending Research 2. Approved Declined 3. Appealed Case Resolution 4. Repatriated Returned 1. Claimed – Active Research1. Claimed – Complete Research

9 Final Report= 1: Claimed – Complete Research Proposed Deaccession = 2: Approved or Declined Receipt and Release = 4: Repatriated



12 Two examples of data problems Extension discrepancies Missing documents 123456 12/3456 123456.000 123456.001 123456.002

13 Attaching scanned documents Work one-on-one on entering current cases Help with data Check statuses Add additional identifications and affiliations Enter traditional and sensitive care information

14 Kara Lewis Collections Information Program Manager

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