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Why live in a danger zone?

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1 Why live in a danger zone?
This lesson, we’ll find out why people still live near plate edges, even though it’s dangerous. And also about ways that volcanoes benefit us.

2 Millions of people live near plate edges, where there’s a high risk of earthquakes and eruptions. Why don’t they move somewhere safer?


4 The good news is – danger zones also bring benefits – thanks mainly to volcanoes.

5 Watch this to summarise why people live in danger zones.
As the population of the Earth grows, even more people will live in danger zones. We need to get better at predicting earthquakes and eruptions, and protecting people from harm.

6 Give: a) two economic reasons
Give: a) two economic reasons b) two social reasons why people continue to live in danger zones. Do you agree with this person? Give reasons. 3. Give all the ways plate movements help you. (For example, gas for cooking.) You could draw a spider map to answer. 4. Can you think of anyone who benefits from earthquakes? Give as many examples as you can.

7 5. You are an engineer. Copy this drawing and complete it to show how you could heat these homes.

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