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Latest trends in Automation for Automotive Industry - case studies Ninth ARC India Forum, Pune August, 2011 Achieving Operational Excellence Through.

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1 Latest trends in Automation for Automotive Industry - case studies Ninth ARC India Forum, Pune August, 2011 Achieving Operational Excellence Through IT and Automation Solutions This presentation is intended to provide a corporate overview of ARC and the services we provide to the Manufacturing and Supply Chain communities. Elmar Zimmerling Account Management B&R

2 Facts The automotive industry is driving new automation concepts, new control technologies and advanced communication as a trendsetter This also affects other industries – and thus the automation in the whole Many machine builders are indirectly connected with the automotive industry B&R offers solutions for economic and sustainable automation - best suitable for the Indian Automotive Industry

3 B&R at Daimler End of Line Tester
Universal battery tester for hybrid batteries Based entirelly on B&R automation system, including UDS protocol library (diagnostics) and integrated safety standardization and introduction to all relevant Daimler production sites worldwide e-mobility Daimler brochure:: „Overview about usage of B&R systems at Daimler R&D“

4 B&R at Daimler 100% function check highest product quality
„B&R is the chosen supplier for the automation base for Daimler´s EOL tester for vehicle batteries“, said Mr. Fink, Daimler Manager R&D Further applications with hybrid gear boxes are following – again with B&R base. Daimler Engineers develop with Automation Studio, the unique B&R Engineering Tool

5 Benefits of B&R Automation Studio
Supports the implementation of your idea Enables efficient engineering Seamless integration of B&R products Openness to third party manufacturer Highest level of reusability Investment security of software Automation Software Philosophy: Reliability Independency Consistency Die Entwicklung von Automation Studio wird von folgenden Leitlinien geprägt: Everything in one hand and out of one hand!

6 B&R in Automotive Industrial PC & Panels
Long-standing worldwide reputation in the automotive manufacturing Excellent value for money Long-term availability and designed for minimum energy consumption Built-in Maintenance Controller

7 B&R in Automotive typical use cases
Visualization as operator panels in body shop, paint shop, assembly lines, … High-Performance PLC, with optional integration of CNC and Robot kinematics Server for Process Control Applications conclusion

8 OEMs trust in B&R body shop, Audi HQ Ingolstadt
300 B&R Panel PC as a standardized operator Panel in AUDI body shop Sustainability automatic shut-off of backlight - if not operated for a certain time or by shift scheduler via production LAN

9 B&R is automotive standard supplier
BMW trusts in B&R In 2007 BMW AG has named B&R exclusive supplier of operator panels. B&R is to supply innovative IPCs and Power Panel to BMW´s international production sites until at least 2013 Up to now more than units have been delivered to BMW production sites worldwide.

10 Power Train, Inspection
Daimler Benz HQ Untertürkheim The Panel PC 725 is designed for onsite operation. Built with IP65 protection from all sides, it can easily handle splashed water, impacts and vibrations. crankshaft inspection, together with vision system, reading data matrix code

11 Leading Plant Builders
paint shop, VW US plant Chattanouga EISENMANN B&R supplied EISENMANN and DÜRR with more than 100 Power Panels , paint shop in VW plant USA Tennessee B&R, specified by end customer, VW Wolfsburg, planning dept.

12 B&R machine-builder customers
Sonderhoff Privatly owned company, for more than 50 years in the market Supplier for polymer sealing materials, engineering and services High-tech solutions with entire B&R automation technology - PLC, IPC, servoDRIVES, CNC, … one single software tool CNC, as a PLC add-on offers inexpensive solutions without restrictions in application references:

13 B&R machine-builder customers
applications: Components and modules must remain tightly sealed after their assembly. To prevent from humidity, dust, harmful media or temperature-influences

14 B&R and Robotic COMAU Italian manufacturer for automotive industry
Newest Robot generation C5G now based on B&R Automation Drive technology B&R ACOPOS with energetic recovery system B&R X20 I/O Ethernet Powerlink, high-speed fieldbus reference list

15 COMAU Robot Generation CG5
ACOPOSmulti servo drive technology X20 IO system Automation PC Ethernet Powerlink fieldbus

16 B&R Controls in Automotive
B&R APROL Process&Control Technology Audi AG places great importance on saving energy for environmental protection As a consequence, the company has succeeded in clearly reducing the energy consumption per vehicle at the Ingolstadt production plant in the last few years. Thanks to more than B&R PLCs in media control ( compressed air, cooling, heating, ventilation systems with heat recovery … )

17 B&R Controls in Automotive
X20 PLC and I/O familiy openess – support of well-known fieldbusses More than 130 X20 I/O nodes are in progress at assembly lines of VW Plant Bratislava, Slovakia. Production Site of Audi Q7, VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne

18 Thank you for your interest
Perfection in Automation Conclusion B&R has become an industry leader in innovation and technology through an acute intuition for market developments and trends B&R is providing best practice solutions not just components – Everything in one hand and out of one hand – Automation Studio This applies even more to the needs of the fast growing Indian automotive industry Thank you for your interest

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