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Hurricanes In MEDC’s And LEDC’s

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1 Hurricanes In MEDC’s And LEDC’s

2 Hurricane Katrina (MEDC)
This was the USA’s worst natural disaster in living memory. The storm hit land near New Orleans on the 29th of August 2005 at a speed of some 230 km/h (145 mph). Katrina was a category 4 hurricane, but what set it apart from other hurricanes was the way it lingered rather than passed through.

3 Hurricane Katrina (MEDC)
Over 1830 people were killed in the USA. Economists suggest Hurricane Katrina cost the US economy $80 billion. The rescue operation was criticised for not doing enough to help the poorest members of the population. Many of those left without help were from the poor neighbourhoods, many of which were the worst hit by the hurricane.

4 Cyclone Nargis (LEDC) Some 134,000 people died in Cyclone Nargis, which struck Burma in May 2008. As many as 95% of all buildings in the affected area were demolished by the cyclone. Winds exceeding 190 km/h (118 mph) and torrential rain devastated the area. The Burmese government identified 15 townships in the Irrawaddy delta that had suffered the worst.

5 Cyclone Nargis (LEDC) Seven of them had lost 90-95% of their homes, with 70% of their population dead or missing. International frustration mounted as disaster management experts failed to get the necessary visas to enter the country. The land in the Irrwaddy delta is very low-lying. It was home to an estimated 7 million of Burma’s 53 million people. Nearly 2 million of the densely packed area’s inhabitants live on the land that is less than 5m above sea level, leaving them extremely vulnerable. As well as the cost in lives and homes is the agricultural loss to the fertile delta – considered Burma’s rice bowl.

6 Activity What are the similarities and differences between Hurricanes/Tornadoes/Cyclones in MEDC’s and LEDC’s? MEDC’s LEDC’s Similarities Differences

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