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Universal Fumigation Services

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1 Universal Fumigation Services
A company dedicated to the protection of grain from the ravages of insects and pests, while saving both time and money. Universal Fumigation Services Ltd. 1

2 Universal Fumigation Services
Over 25 years industry experience Western Canada’s fumigation industry pioneers Industry leaders in the design of innovative and revolutionary new fumigation techniques Universal Fumigation Services Ltd. 2

3 Universal Fumigation Services:
Universal offers a variety of services to the fumigation industry, including: IN-TRANSIT FUMIGATION QUARANTINE FUMIGATION MALATHION TREATMENT GAS-FREE CERTIFICATES Universal Fumigation Services Ltd. 3

4 In-Transit Fumigation International Regulations
International Recommendations IMO, safe use of pesticides on ship Section to Canadian Regulations Shipping act: SOR/89-106 Universal Fumigation Services Ltd. 4

5 In-Transit Fumigation Procedures
The agreement The vessel inspection & preparation The pre-fumigation conference The training of ships personnel The application of the fumigant Post-Application: the Canadian approach The 24 hours monitoring Gas concentration report Instructions and transfer of responsibility Universal Fumigation Services Ltd. 5

6 In-Transit Fumigation: Benefits
Cost efficient and 100% effective fumigation Our fumigations are accepted by the Mexican Agricultural Authorities and included on the Phytosanitary Certificate Precious grain cargo arrives successfully fumigated and gas-free Universal Fumigation Services Ltd. 6

7 In-Transit Fumigation: Benefits
No delays to shipment or vessel due to fumigation requirements Off-loading of grain can commence immediately upon arrival Significantly lower demurrage and anchorage costs incurred Universal Fumigation Services Ltd. 7

8 In-Transit Fumigation: Benefits
Tens of Thousands of Dollars Saved per Shipment Universal Fumigation Services Ltd. 8

9 Universal Fumigation Services:
We hope you enjoyed this brief presentation and thank you for your interest in our company. Please contact us if you would like the complete presentation package. Have a great day !! Universal Fumigation Services Ltd. 9

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