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The IB MYP Design Cycle….

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1 The IB MYP Design Cycle….
Community Service Human Ingenuity Environment With a Magnet Twist Approaches to Learning Health and Social

2 Criterion B Criterion A Criterion F Criterion E Criterion C Criterion D

3 Criterion A: Investigate
Investigation is an essential step in the design cycle. In order for this step to be assessed, you must be able to identify the problem and produce documented evidence of topic research and analysis. State the problem or task to be completed, then list properly documented sources of research and attach notes or other ways you have gathered information. Investigate Back

4 Criterion B: Design Design Back
Design allows you to formulate many reasonable designs. It will be measured against the design specifications (the requirements of the project). Propose multiple ways to solve the problem and complete the task, and write them here. This is where you will figure out the best way to present your solutions (design the product). Design Back

5 Criterion C: Plan Plan Back
Planning is of primary importance in the demonstration of the ability to organize both time and resources. You must document your work plan and justify your choice of alternatives. What deadlines will you meet? Use specific dates and note where you will be in your project at each date (or what you will have completed). Plan Back

6 Criterion D: Create Create Back
To create your product, you will need to effectively and safely use techniques, materials, and equipment. What do you need to create your final product? If there are any changes made to your creation, they must be justified and explained in this step (you can add additional slides to indicate what changes you need to make). Your product must be of appropriate quality. Create Back

7 Criterion E: Evaluate Evaluate
You must provide assessment of the product, process, and a form of self-assessment. Reflect on this process (investigating, planning and designing) and evaluate your final product (creating) using the rubric provided for the project. Evaluate Back

8 Criterion F: Attitudes in Technology
You may be asked to complete a self-evaluation of your engagement, independence, and attitude (work ethic). Assign yourself a score using the rubric provided, and explain why you gave yourself this evaluation. Attitudes Back

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