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Conflicts in the Middle East

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1 Conflicts in the Middle East
(Ch. 18 sec. 4)

2 Palestine/Israel Considered the “Holy Land” by the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faiths Hebrews (Jews) lose control of the area during the first century AD (CE) Ottomans (Muslim Turks) control from 15th-20th centuries AD (CE) After World War I, Ottoman Turks lose this territory to Great Britain: Britain allows 10 million Palestinians (mostly Muslim) to stay and practice religious freedom

3 Balfour Declaration: (1917)
Arthur Balfour (British Gov’t official) declares Jews should have their own country: Israel

4 Balfour Declaration: (1917)
Cause 1: increased immigration of Jews to Palestine Cause 2: Jews requested their own homeland and G.B. did not want to lose support of Jews during World War I

5 Balfour Declaration: (1917)
Effect #1: Issue of Jewish homeland not settled in 1917 Effect #2: British left the issue to the UN to decide after World War II

6 Independent Israel Created
May 14, 1948 Israel declares itself a new nation

7 Independent Israel Created
Cause #1 UN recommends taking a part of Palestine (British colony before WWII) and giving it to Jews for Israel

8 Independent Israel Created
Cause #2: sympathy for Jews from Europeans after Holocaust

9 Independent Israel Created
Effect #1: full scale Arab-Israeli war: 10 million Palestinians were left with out a country when their land was given to Jews for Israel by UN

10 1956 Arab-Israeli War Cause #1: millions of Palestinians were left with out a country when UN gave their land to Jews for Israel

11 1956 Arab-Israeli War Cause #2: Egypt seizes the Suez Canal from Israel

12 1956 Arab-Israeli War Effect #1: Israel defeats Egypt
Effect #3: Great Britain/France supported Israel in the conflict Effect #2: Israel invades parts of Egypt

13 1956 Arab-Israeli War Under international pressure Israel gives Suez Canal back to Egypt: ends the crisis

14 1967 Six-Day War Israel vs. Egypt, Iran, Syria, and Jordan

15 1967 Six-Day War Israel vs. Egypt, Iran, Syria, and Jordan vs. Cause #2: Rising tensions between Arab states and Israel after the 1956 war Cause #1: Uneasy truce after 1956 war

16 1967 Six-Day War Cause #3: Egypt (armed with Soviet weapons) and other Arab nations prepared for war Cause #4: June 5, 1967 Israel attacked Iran, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria first

17 1967 Six-Day War Cause #5: Six days Israel lost 800;
Egypt, Iran, Syria, Jordan lost 15,000 combined

18 1967 Six-Day War Effect #1: Israel took West Bank from Jordan
Effect #2: Israel took Golan Heights from Syria Effect #3: Israel took Sinai Peninsula from Egypt

19 Yom Kippur War (October 1973)
Cause #1: Arab nations jointly attacked Israel on holiest Jewish holiday

20 Yom Kippur War (October 1973)
Effect #1: Caught Israelis off guard Effect #2: Arabs nations reclaimed some of lost territory Effect #3: Israel counter attacked and took back lost territory Effect #4: uneasy truce after weeks of fighting

21 Camp David Accords 1978 Cause #1: Egypt offers permanent peace to Israel Cause #2: US President Jimmy Carter offered to facilitate peace agreement at Camp David, Maryland

22 Camp David Accords 1978 Effect #1: Egypt first Arab nation to recognize Israel as legitimate nation Effect #2: Israel gives Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt

23 Camp David Accords 1978 Effect #3: ends 30 years of hostilities between Israel and Egypt Effect #4: Egypt president Anwar Sadat assassinated by Egyptian extremists

24 Declaration of Principles (September 1993)
Cause #1: ongoing Palestinian/Israeli conflicts Cause #2: conflicts led to a series of peace talks facilitated by US President Bill Clinton

25 Declaration of Principles (September 1993)
Effect #2: Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated by Israeli extremist in 1995 Effect #1: Israel grants self-rule to Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza Strip

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