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Welcome to IB Biology HL

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1 Welcome to IB Biology HL
Ms. Jensen

Two year course IB exam – May of senior year

3 Themes Four general biological concepts will be studied as unifying topics throughout the course: Structure and Function Universality versus Diversity Equilibrium within Systems Evolution

4 Expectations College level science course Success in the course
heavy demands on the student’s time and energy You will often be responsible for several levels of assignments at the same time Success in the course ability to organize yourself and your time Motivation Maturity attendance daily study habits ability to read for comprehension ability to communicate well in writing If you make the time and commitment to study regularly, do all assignments, listen in class, and perform well on the tests, you can and will be successful in this class.

5 It’s not going to be easy…

6 BTHS Grades !!! The breakdown: Primary Assessment 60%
Tests Quizzes Major projects Secondary Assessment 30% Labs Activities Minor projects Tertiary Assessment 10% HW Notebook Participation

7 IB grades External Assessment: 76% Internal Assessment: 24%

8 The RULES! RULE #1: Be courteous and thoughtful to others.
RULE # 2: At the start of the period, all backpacks and purses must be placed on the side of the room. RULE #2: Be prepared to take notes, do labs, and participate in class. RULE #3: Stay in your seat during lectures and discussions. RULE #4: Clean up the classroom before leaving. RULE #5: Observe all safety rules. If you break a safety rule you will receive a "0" for the lab.

9 Technology Rules 1. No cell phones, cameras, or ipods*
2. When using laptops a. You must sign out a laptop b. Laptops must face the same direction so I can monitor the screens. c. If you are off task: i.The first time – 10% deduction on the assignment ii.The second time – zero on the assignment d. Use first class only to send and receive saved work. e. When you are done, clear the desktop and empty the trash. f. I must check the laptop before you put it away. *I will make you aware of if and when of any exceptions

10 Behavior Steps and Consequences
If these basic rules are followed we will have no problems and the year will be very enjoyable and fun for all of us. If these rules are not followed then there will be disruptions and the learning process will be interrupted. If you choose not to observe these rules certain things will happen. 1.A verbal warning and a reflection in your class participation grade. 2.The second time I have to ask you to do something you will be asked to stay during lunch. At this meeting we will come up with a plan to help you observe the rules. 3.If the behavior continues I will call home and discuss my concerns with your parents in order to try to alleviate the problem. 4.If the behavior persists I will involve the administration and together we will devise a plan to alleviate the problem.

11 Tardy Policy You should be in your seat when the bell rings.
Your belongings should be placed in the back of the room. Each time you are late, our will be marked off for participation and you are to make up the time during lunch. If the tardiness persists, other consequences will be arranged.

12 Make-up/Late Work Policy
Late Assignments There should be no late assignments. No late homework will be accepted. All major assignments will receive a 10% deduction for each CALENDAR day late. Absences You are responsible for getting your missed assignments. IT IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY TO REMIND YOU!! Check the wiki daily Buddy system Work missed due to an unexcused absence will not be accepted. If your absence is excused you may have one day for every excused day to make up the work. If you miss the day it was due, it is due upon your return. This includes exams. If you only miss the day of the exam you must take it upon your return to class. If you are to miss a class because of an extracurricular activity or field trip or an academic field trip, you are required to turn in any assignments due on that day before you leave for the activity.

13 Class Participation How to get an A for class participation…
Be respectful! Follow all class rules Be in your seat when the bell rings Have your notebook, pen and any other materials needed for the day Leave your backpack and all other belongings not necessary for class in the back of the room. Take notes Ask and answer questions

14 Lab Participation Approximately 10% of each lab grade will be based upon your lab participation To receive full credit you must: follow all safety regulations follow the procedure correctly be a valid contributor to your lab group be courteous to your classmates CLEAN UP your lab station

15 What to bring to class every day…
Textbook Three-inch, three-ring binder Please make the following sections Course/IB information Include schedules and objectives in this section Notes Labs Projects/Tests/Quizzes include study guides in this section since you will not be getting back your tests HW Composition notebook Hole puncher Folder Highlighter Pens/Pencils Graphing Calculator

16 Assignments No late work All assignments must have your name:
Other than worksheets all assignments must have the following heading: IB Biology HL Name Mrs. Jensen Date Neatness and spelling always count Unless instructed otherwise everything must be written in complete sentences No frayed paper Homework will be given an +, , or a  -  +=outstanding: In addition to being complete and correct the assignment contains the correct heading, is neat, and is written in complete sentences. (100%)  =satisfactory: The assignment is complete and correct. (85%)  -=unsatisfactory: The assignment is either incomplete or incorrect. (70%) Assignment

17 Notebook check Keep your binder neat and organized!
Save all assignments until the end of the marking period. Notes are to be kept all year in preparation for the cumulative final. There will be a notebook check every marking period.

18 Textbooks Please keep your textbooks covered and in the best condition possible. They will be collected at the end of the year and you will be fined if they are not properly maintained.

19 Property Damage Please keep the lab clean and organized !!
“ A place for everything and everything in its place” No chewing gum or candy Laboratory equipment is expensive, please be very careful. We will be using some very high tech equipment and you must treat it with care. If anything is damaged as a result of carelessness, you will be held responsible. No lab equipment or specimens may leave the biology room. Do not write on the desk!

20 Have fun!

21 Any Questions?

22 HW-Biology Show and Tell
For HW tonight please bring in a picture or an article related to biology that you find fascinating. Be prepared to present and discuss your topic for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

23 Expectations Activity
With the people at your table: On a whiteboard write 5 things you expect from me as a teacher. Rank them in order of importance.

24 Expectations Activity
Now on another whiteboard write 5 things you think I expect from you. Rank them in order of importance.

25 Expectations Student Teacher

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