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My money and my child go to MIT!. FINANCIAL AID Need-Based Merit-Based.

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1 My money and my child go to MIT!

2 FINANCIAL AID Need-Based Merit-Based

3 Financial Aid FACTS $52 Billion + 95% from the Colleges

4 Comprehensive Fee Tuition and Fees Room Board (Food) Books and Supplies Personal Expenses Travel

5 Total Coverage Parents + Student + College _______________ Total College Costs

6 Expected Family Contribution (EFC) (PC) Parents Contribution + (SC) Students Contribution _____________________________ (EFC) Expected Family Contribution

7 Computing Need Comprehensive Fee (College Cost of Attendance) - Expected Family Contribution (EFC) ____________________ Students Financial Need

8 Financial Aid

9 Forms PROFILE October 1 FAFSA January 1 Institutions Form or Supplement Varies

10 Financial Aid Package Scholarships Merit/Performance/Character Grants Federal/State/Institutional Work-Study Jobs Loans Federal/State/Institutional

11 PROFILE October 1 35 % Student Savings 50% Student Salary $2,500+ Parents Home Equity

12 FAFSA Online FAFSA School and College Codes Student Pin Number

13 Worksheet Social Security card and drivers license Last years income tax return W-2 forms Record of any untaxed income Current asset information Users name on social security card Never leave anything blank/use 0s instead

14 Deadlines Second week in January February 15?

15 SAR Web-Based Application 2-3 Weeks Hardcopy 4-6 Weeks

16 CFAR Report Income Tax Returns

17 State Residency Permanent and mailing addresses Your social security number Students High School Most recent employers Parents' place of employment

18 Scholarships Colleges Private Sources

19 Search Engines

20 Specific Scholarships College Admission Office Department of Interest

21 Other Sources of Aid Cooperative Education (and some Internships) Three Year Degree Programs Military Commitment Junior or Community College Non-Need Work Study Western Undergraduate Exchange Reciprocal Agreements College Opportunity Fund

22 529 Plans College Savings Plan Prepaid Tuition Plan

23 Financial Aid Tips Apply to more than one college. Establish a contact in the financial aid office by phoning and/or visiting. This will give you a single, direct resource for answering questions and solving problems. Appeal your financial aid package when it arrives if it is not satisfactory. Be gracious, be positive and have your reasons for requesting more funding be reasonable and justifiable. Consider appealing your award AFTER the response deadline for offers of admission.

24 CollegeMasters, LLC Rusty Haynes Tel: 719.576.9487

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