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2 Your Spanish IB Exams will consist of the following elements:
Two written exams (70%)-External Assessment Paper 1: Reading Comprehension/Text Handling (30%of total) and Written Response (10% of total) Paper 2: Written Production/Essay (30% of total) Oral Assessment (30%)-Internal Assessment Individual Oral (15% of total) Interactive Oral (15% of total)

3 ASSESSMENT DETAILS Paper 1: Reading Comprehension and Analysis, including a written activity based on a passage (1h30) Section A: Reading Section B: Written Response

4 PAPER 1: SECTION A This is worth 30% of your total score. This portion tests your ability to read a range of texts. It consists of: multiple choice, short answer, identification of ideas, content and speakers, fill-in the blanks and charts, true/false, etc… In addition to answering the questions, you must justify all of your responses! Section A normally includes 2 texts and generally begins with the easiest and then proceeds to the most difficult.

5 PAPER 1: SECTION B This is worth 10% of your total score. This is a written activity based on a moderately difficult passage from paper 1. It is assessed with one criterion which is based on these questions 1. Has the candidate provided all the details from the source that are relevant? INCLUDE AT LEAST 6 DETAILS WITHOUT USING DIRECT QUOTES! 2. How appropriately have the details been used? 3. How appropriate is the use of register and style? This response should be of a minimum of 100 words.

6 Paper 2: Written Production (1h, 30 min)
This is worth 30% of your total score This is assessed according to 3 Criteria: Language, Cultural Interaction, and Message. This is to assess your ability to communicate accurately for a range of purposes. It will allow you to make use of the literature and culture you have studied as well as your personal experience. You may NOT use a dictionary! You will be given the choice of 4 tasks and you are required to choose only ONE to complete. You are required to write a minimum of 250 words for SL candidates and 400 words for HL candidates. There is no maximum, but remember that quality is more important than quantity!

7 Oral Assessment-Individual Oral
50% of oral mark, 15% of total score. This is assessed according to 3 Criteria: Language, Cultural Interaction, Message. 2008 DATES: TBA This is recorded and externally moderated by IBO Your topic is based on support material that will enable you to reflect on the cultures studied during the course. This may be a text, excerpt, music, play, picture, object, etc… You may take brief working notes into the individual oral; these should consist of no more than ten headings, and must not be read or memorized as a prepared speech. It is up to you to choose a topic and do research to prepare for your 3-4 minutes speech. This will be done outside of class and without supervision. *The instructor will advice students on choosing an appropriate topic and support material, prepare for the interview by familiarizing themselves with the topic to be presented, and encourage students to be concise and effective in their presentations.

8 Oral Assessment-Individual Oral
Format of assessment Preparation Time Assessment Time Part 1: Presentation by the candidate based on support material chosen by him or her. Prior to the day of the individual oral 3-4 minutes Part 2: Follow up questions and discussion with the teacher on issues arising from the presentation No preparation time Part 3: General discussion between the teacher and the candidate

9 Oral Assessment-Interactive Oral
50% of oral mark, 15% of total score. Assessed on 3 Criteria: Language, Cultural Interaction, Message) During the year you will be assessed during many classroom discussions, debates, role-plays, and other various interactive activities. I will use your best score for your internal assessment component to be submitted to IBO.


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