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Harrison Prep Middle Years Programme Revised 2012

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1 Harrison Prep Middle Years Programme Revised 2012
IB Orientation Harrison Prep Middle Years Programme Revised 2012

2 History of Harrison Started in 2005 with a Gates Grant
Began at Oakwood Elementary Moved in 2008 to Lake City site Doubled in staff and student population that year Authorized in IB MYP in 2011

3 Vision/Mission Part 1 Revised, 12/09
Students at HP will graduate as caring, curious, confident, and college-ready young people who have respect for multiple cultures and perspectives.

4 Vision/Mission Part 2 Teachers at HP will design standards-based challenging learning experiences enriched through technology, community partnerships and personal projects.

5 Vision/Mission Part 3 Staff at HP will foster meaningful and personalized relationships preparing students for global citizenship.

6 Why IB? World-wide recognition International focus for curriculum
Clear programme expectations School’s quality monitored by an outside source Emphasis on the whole learner Real-world connections Teacher trainings to ensure success IB publications monitored for quality Universities recognize the quality Curriculum encourages action and reflection

7 Who decided? Lakewood Rotary suggested…
Need for a recognized program of rigor to reach a group of students and families not satisfied CPSD researched and considered… Looked for the best fit Focus groups convened Harrison Prep chosen!!

8 What are the benefits? District has options; not a “one size fits all” approach to education Students receive rigorous, quality education Recognition by an international community, colleges, and universities Accountability to organization outside district

9 Where are we in the process?
Authorized IB World School, 2011 MYP Evaluation: 2016 DP Application for Candidacy, April 2013 DP Authorization projected by Spring, 2015 DP Teaching and testing,

10 Who should enroll? All students enrolled automatically in MYP (grades 6-10) DP will require a choice (in the future) Choose wisely Know your student(s) Research district options Know the school and its available resources Match school with child’s needs (personal and academic)

11 How is the MYP defined? The MYP is: MYP = Middle Years Programme
for students aged 11 to 16 a framework of academic challenge 8 subject groups, plus personal project in the final year taught in any language The MYP encourages students to: understand the connections between subjects through interdisciplinary learning understand the connections between subjects and the real world become critical and reflective thinkers

12 Programme model

13 What is the Learner Profile?
IB learners strive to be: Inquirers Knowledgeable Thinkers Communicators Principled Open-minded Caring Risk-takers Balanced Reflective It’s the IB mission statement translated into a set of learning outcomes for the 21st century.

14 Learner Profile in action…
IB Wednesdays, Advisory Wonder board (Inquiry) Where in the world…pictures in Spain (Knowledgeable) Student-friendly definitions (looks like/sounds like t-charts) Student reflections on artifacts from each class.

15 Areas of Interaction (AoI)
What are they…? Lenses through which to see content What do they do…? Allows for connections to be made between subject areas Students take ownership of learning Leads to Personal Project (10th grade)

16 What are the AoI? Approaches to Learning (ATL) Community and Service
Learning skills taught throughout the year in each subject area (ownership) Community and Service Community awareness; taking an active part Health and Social Education Being responsible; making good choices

17 AoI continued… Environments Human Ingenuity
Understand the issues and take responsibility for the environment Human Ingenuity Appreciate the creative spirit of humanity and understand the consequences of actions

18 What is assessment? Evaluating a student’s understanding
Judging whether the student is “proficient”

19 Let’s be a food critic… Small groups (tables)
Pick a favorite restaurant Discuss what makes a “good” restaurant How would you describe the qualities of a good restaurant? What is most important/essential to a be good restaurant? If on a scale of 0-5, then at what level is a restaurant meeting the basic definition of “good”? Come up with 3 criteria on which to judge the restaurant. Describe/share out.

20 Why do Standards-based?
Fairness Provides clear expectations to students about how to meet standards. Based on the belief that no one should be left behind. Not averaged; allows for students to make improvements. Precision Grades should reflect skill level, not other qualities. Ensures all students can do the skills before moving on.

21 Standards-based Assessment
What does an IB assessment look like? Scoring Rubrics with the grading expectations using IB Criteria Tests, projects, essays, labs, investigations, etc. Each subject area will assess each criteria at least twice in a year.

22 IB Capstone: Personal Project
Based on PERSONAL interests 10th Grade advisory Advisory grade based on participation Performance-based Rigorous Supervisors and mentors help Students must take ownership

23 IB Diploma Programme vs. Advanced Placement
Similarities Rigorous, college prep College credit possible End-of-course exams Differences Parent organizations AP = emphasis on content/breadth; DP = emphasis on depth AP = 1 yr, separate courses; DP = 2-yr courses, 6 classes for Diploma

24 How do colleges view DP? Very favorably Depends on the university

25 How can you help your students succeed?
Be patient. Understand the difference between past grading practices and current ones. Help students to take ownership of their learning. Establish good communication with the school and other families. Find out more about IB by going on the website and asking questions. me! in order to ask questions or set up an appointment to get more information.

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