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IB learners strive to be…

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1 IB learners strive to be…
The IB Learner Profile IB learners strive to be…

2 Inquirers Are curious and love to find out things.
They use their skills to do independent research. The CSI Detectives: Inquirers!

3 Knowledgeable Have in-depth knowledge and understanding about a variety of topics Lisa Simpson: Knowledgeable!

4 Thinkers Apply their thinking skills in a variety of ways to make reasoned decisions. Confucius: Thinker!

5 Martin Luther King Jr: Communicator!
Communicators Express ideas confidently and creatively in more than one language and in many ways. Work well with others Martin Luther King Jr: Communicator!

6 Principled Are honest and fair
Take responsibility for their own actions Pierluigi Collina: Principled!

7 Open-minded Are open to different points of view
Recognize that many different perspectives exist and improve their own understanding through this. Kofi Annan (former head of the United Nations): Open-minded!

8 Caring Show compassion and respect for the needs and feelings of others Act to make a positive difference in their communities Ned Flanders: Caring!

9 Risk-takers Explore new ideas and strategies
Show courage in unfamiliar situations Defend their beliefs Muhammad Ali: Risk taker

10 Lance Armstrong: Balanced!
Understand and demonstrate the importance of developing intellectually, physically and emotionally. Lance Armstrong: Balanced!

11 Tiger Woods: Reflective!
Think about their learning and experiences Understand their strengths and weaknesses and use this understanding to support their learning Tiger Woods: Reflective!

12 Remember No one expects you to ‘achieve’ all of these qualities straight away! Learning is a life long thing: it doesn’t end after School/University - the ‘learner profile’ is simply some common ideas that we can use to think about what kind of learners we try to be!

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