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Self Efficacy What is self efficacy? What is self esteem? What is self image?

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1 Self Efficacy What is self efficacy? What is self esteem? What is self image?

2 Self Efficacy Ones judgment or conviction that one can successfully execute the behavior required to produce the outcomes. Versus Outcome expectations Is a persons estimate that given behavior will lead to certain outcomes. This model suggests that there is a difference between a patients beliefs regarding how the world works (outcome expectations) and beliefs about what they can or cant do (self efficacy).

3 Self Efficacy With this model a clinician attempts to understand the probability of a particular patient following through on a behavior. Low self efficacy has a higher probably of the patient doesnt following through, they probably will not return, health will not improve and/or desired expectation will not be reached. As such, it can moderate your goals. Recognizing and using this concept with your patients allows therapists to communicate in a common language with your patient. Therefore, you will be talking with your patient and not to your patient.

4 Self Efficacy Indirectly, this addresses the issue of regarding clinicians making assumptions regarding their patients being able to answer clinical questions regarding their OWN BEHAVIOR. High self efficacy tends to equate to greater perseverance

5 SELF-ESTEEM Self-esteem is how much a person likes, accepts, and respects himself overall as a person. This leads to self approval. CHARACTERISTICS OF LOW SELF-ESTEEM: An individual with low self-esteem may: Demean his own talents Feel that others dont value him Feel powerless Be easily influenced by others Express a narrow range of emotions Avoid situations that provoke anxiety Become defensive and easily frustrated Blame others for their own weaknesses Low self-esteem has been correlated with low life satisfaction, loneliness, anxiety, resentment, irritability and depression.

6 SELF-ESTEEM CHARACTERISTICS OF HIGH SELF-ESTEEM: A teenager with high self-esteem will: Act independently Assume responsibility Be proud of accomplishments Approach new challenges with enthusiasm Exhibit a broad range of emotions Tolerate frustration well Feel capable of influencing others High self-esteem has been correlated with academic success in high school, internal locus of control, high family outcome, positive sense of self-attractiveness.

7 Self Image How one perceives or views oneself. In this area, you can create behavioral change by the way of repeatedly visualizing yourself in the way you would like and attach the associated strong feelings.

8 The slides on Classical conditioning and Operant conditioning are separate presentations. Look for them by name on the website. Thank you.

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