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February 2008. Page 2 IV Development is a consulting firm specialising in international development and external growth for Entrepreneurs, Managers, Shareholders,

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1 February 2008

2 Page 2 IV Development is a consulting firm specialising in international development and external growth for Entrepreneurs, Managers, Shareholders, and International Investors who wish to develop business activities in France and Europe. Created in 2006, to allow entrepreneurs better access to: the French market other European markets. IV Development relies on the expertise and field experience of its consultants and a network of experts with complementary fiscal, legal and social competencies. Main sectors of expertise Media, New Technologies, Internet, Renewable Energy, Cosmetics, Luxury and Cultural goods Our Mission

3 Page 3 « IV Market » « IV Corporate »« IV Business » « IV Expansion » Market and Strategic Analysis International Sales Develop Local activities Corporate Development External Growth IV Axes of Development

4 Page 4 IV Market ACCESS sectorial market studies ANALYSE competition, and business sector PROVIDE elements to make strategic choices IV Business IDENTIFY potential local clients and market trends GIVE tools of local trade negociation CONCEVE medium and long term expansion plans IV Business IV Expansion IV Corporate IV Market From Strategic to Operational

5 Page 5 FOLLOW-UP contracts from negotiation to closing DEVELOP strategic alliances SET UP local structure IV Expansion From Strategic to Operational IV Corporate IDENTIFY market trends and potential targets ADVISE on external growth, from business plan to closing SEARCH for financing IV Business IV Expansion IV Corporate IV Market

6 Page 6 IV Market Sectorial Analysis Distribution : Do-it-yourself E-commerce : Private sales online Energy : Deregulation in Germany vs. France Energy : Solar Investments in Europe Telcos : Mobile Social Software Latest News IV Business Business Development E-Business : Online Casual Gaming

7 Page 7 IV Corporate Latest News Capital Investment of an Italian digital media company, in a voice recognition technology based in France : Due-Diligence, Negociation of the transaction Sale transaction of a French cultural press agency : valuation, buyer identification, contact potential buyers, due-diligence, negociation of the deal. SectorCompany ActivitiesComments Sales M Value M Origin Buy/ Sell Advertising Online Advertising and Interactive marketing. Advertising network, email broker, affiliation and lead generation management Target acquisitions in France 5<10 M (2006) NASpainB Media Plurimedia Group : radio, TV, events, internet and mobile, with activities all over Europe Target Acquisitions in : WEB 2.0, and entertainment 15-25 years old Budget: 0<20 M NA FranceB Cultural Media Cultural Press Agency, information regarding entertainment and leasure events Divestiture 2M (2006) NAFranceS

8 Page 8 SectorCompany ActivitiesComments Sales M Value M Origin Capital raising WebOS Corporate Portal framework (Ajax), integrated Opensource solution. Compete with Microsoft Sharepoint. 1st round : 1M x 10% du capital or 5M to develop Product and commercial activites for Small and medium companies NA 5<10 M FranceCR Herbal Cosmetics Skincare therapy, natural ingredients coming directly form Korean expertise, distribution started in 2007 1st round raising by end 2008 0,2M (2007) 1M France Korea CR Creative leasure Internet Site dedicated to manual activities – online in June 2008, Capital Raising – Early 2009 0,5M (2007) NAFranceCR Web Ergonomy Consulting agancy specialised in Web ergonomy Willing to develop a competitive intelligence department 3 M NAFrance- Skill Games Online Casual Gaming, worldwide activities through social network and money games Market analysis and Gambling legal issues in France vs. Europe. French Game Monopoly 26,5M$ (2006) NAUK- IV Corporate Pipeline

9 Page 9 Banzai Ventures Our References

10 Page 10 Our Organisation Responsive and Flexible For each mission, IV Development provides, a core team of expert consultants. Each consultant is chosen based on competences and ability to adapt to complex deals. If necessary, an independant consulting firm, with required expertise, is proposed and validated in advance with clients. As part of our coordinated network, IV Development has already successfully worked with experts of : Fiscal issues Corporate Law Mergers and Acquisitions Cross-cultural Management European Community financial aid grants Active member of CCIF, Compagnie des Conseillers en Investissements Financiers, association of Financial advisors agreed by AMF, Autorité des Marchés Financiers, under registration number « C05E000 »

11 Page 11 Isabelle Veil Isabelle has worked for large international groups and sector leaders, including as a financial analyst for Lazard Frères M&A (NY, USA) and as Control Manager at LOreal (Milan, Italy). In 1999 she founded the French division of Vitaminic, specialist in the European digital music rights license and distribution market. In charge of Marketing and Business development in France, Isabelle has also fullfiled general management position, and managed reorganisation after Peoplesound and FranceMP3 acquisitions in 2001. Since 2004, she has worked with foreign companies to develop their French activities particularly in the area of new technologies. She founded IV Development in 2006 to respond to a growing need of its clients, for either international development or external growth. Nominated in September 2007, Isabelle is member of the Paris board of the European Professional Women Network, in charge of quality. She obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing and finance at the Franco-American Institute of Management (Paris) in 1994. The Founder 11 allée Auguste Renoir, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France Tel/Fax : +33 (0) Website: Contact Isabelle Veil Tel : +33 (0) Email :

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