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The BlueCore™ Technology Roadmap

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1 The BlueCore™ Technology Roadmap
BlueCoreTM00-GRI BlueCoreTM00-BQI BB/HW LC HCI Samples: Q4 2001 Production: Q1 2002 Flash Radio LM SDP LC Host uC RFCOMM CSR Generic Radio Interface BlueQ interface L2CAP Large System ASIC HOST LM LC Application SDP SDP SDP RFCOMM RFCOMM RFCOMM L2CAP L2CAP L2CAP LM LM LM LC LC LC BB H/W Audio HOST BB H/W BB H/W ARM Reg RAM RAM RAM +Micro + Micro Audio + Micro Audio HOST RAM HOST Codec Radio Radio UART/USB/Audio Radio UART/USB/ Audio Radio UART/USB/ Audio Radio Flash Version Mask ROM Version Both Flash and Mask ROM Versions BlueCoreTM03 BlueCoreTM04 (ARM) BlueCoreTM01-USB (USB and UART) BlueCoreTM01-URT (UART only) BlueCoreTM02-USB (USB and UART) BlueCoreTM02-URT (UART only) Product Families Samples: Q4 2001 Production: Q2 2002 Samples: Q1 2002 Production: H2 2002 Production: Sept 2000

2 BlueCoreTM01 BlueCoreTM01M Production Since : Sept 2000
HCI 4MBit Flash HCI 4MBit Flash LM LM LC LC BB USB/ UART USB/ UART 20KB RAM Audio BB Audio Micro 20KB RAM Micro HOST HOST Radio Radio Radio Radio BC01B-USB (USB and UART) BC01B-URT (UART only) BC01M-USB (USB and UART) BC01M-URT (UART only) Pin Compatible with BC01b (needs CSB/REB solder bridge) 81 BGA 8 x 8 x 1.45 mm Production Since : Sept 2000 Advance Datasheet: Now Engineering Samples: July 2001 Production: Q3 2001 81 BGA 8 x 8 x 1.4 mm 0.8 mm Pitch, 0.4 mm Ball

3 Stand-Alone eg Headset
BlueCoreTM01c LC LM L2CAP RFCOMM SDP VM Application 8MBit Flash 256K RAM Example Application Stand-Alone eg Headset BB 32KB RAM Audio Micro ‘C’ = Lower Power, 1.8V , Higher RF Performance, (NOT Pin Compatible with BC01b) Engineering Samples: Q3 2001 Production : Q1 2002 Audio Codec Radio Radio BC01C-USB (USB and UART) BC01C-URT (UART only) 81 BGA 8x8x1.4mm 0.8mm Pitch, 0.4mm Ball 81 CSP 4.9x4.9x1.0mm 0.5mm Pitch, 0.26mm Ball

4 BlueCoreTM02 Engineering Samples: Q4 2001 Production: Q2 2002
RFCOMM SDP RFCOMM SDP Mask ROM Flash L2CAP L2CAP LM LM LC LC BB BB 32KB RAM Audio HOST 32KB RAM Audio HOST Micro Micro (With NRE) Radio Radio Radio Radio BC02-USB-FSH (USB and UART, Flash) BC02-URT-FSH (UART only, Flash) BC02-USB-ROM (USB and UART, Mask ROM) BC02-URT-ROM (UART only, Mask ROM) 49 BGA 49 BGA 49 CSP 49 CSP 6x6x1.2 4x4x0.9 6x6x1.2 4x4x0.9 Engineering Samples: Q4 2001 Production: Q2 2002 Production: 2002

5 BlueFusionTM01 BlueCoreTM03 Samples: Q1 2002 Production: 2H 2002
(Hi-Fi Headset, MP3, Access Point…) VM APPLICATION Interworking Function Interworking Function RFCOMM/SDP FLASH RFCOMM/SDP L2 CAP L2 CAP LM LM LC LC eg xDSL CABLE MODEM ETHERNET 802.11b VREG 32KB RAM BB Micro BB Micro ARM MAC 64KB RAM CODEC Radio PHY RADIO BC03 BC04 Samples: Q1 2002 Production: 2H 2002 Samples: Q2 2002 Production: 2H 2002 100 BGA 81 LGA 6 x 6 x 1.2 81 CSP 4.5x4.5x1.0mm 0.5mm Pitch, 0.26mm Ball

6 CSR Hardware Reference Designs
Name BC01MOD3 BC01MOD2 BC01MOD1 Configuration Module RX sensitivity -73dBm -88dBm TX power 0dBm +20dBm Footprint 20x15mm Ref Design Availability Q2 2001 Bluetooth Class Class3 or Class2 Class2 Class1 Application Consumer, Toys etc Cellphones + accessories PCs, Access Points LNA LNA BC01 PA Discrete Filter LNA SW BC01 BC01 BC01 Printed Filter Discrete Filter Discrete Filter SW Printed Balun SW SW Discrete Balun Discrete Balun

7 Stack Partitioning - Upper Layers on Host
HCI L2CAP RFC SDP DM Application Upper layers run on host Third party stacks IVT Corporation CCL BlueStack Widcomm Extended Systems Examples Notebook PC, PDA HCI Link Manager Link Controller Radio

8 Stack Partitioning - Application on Host
BlueStack Primitives RFCOMM / SDP Embedded BlueStack Application run on host uP Examples 3G Mobile Phone 3G PDA Audio L2CAP CM HCI Link Manager Link Controller Radio

9 Stack Partitioning - Single Chip Solution
Application RFCOMM / SDP Audio L2CAP CM Single chip solution Processor bandwidth to run simple applications Examples Headset Audio Gateway Serial Dongle HCI Link Manager Link Controller Radio

10 BlueLab - Software Development Kit
Makes A Single Chip Bluetooth Solution a Reality Enables customers to write Application code to run on chip Complete suite of development tools Compiler Linker Emulator Reference source code for Applications and Libraries Documentation

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