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Instructional Coaching at Westminster

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1 Instructional Coaching at Westminster
Now and the Future

2 Current Job Description
Helping to incorporate technology Collaborate on lesson planning Feedback regarding intervention strategies Modeling R/W Workshop Lessons Create assessments & class materials Help with integrated studies Individual and small group instruction - “plugging in” Writing lesson plans & rubrics for teachers Attend PLCs, GLMs, & Goal Meetings Assist the administration (Admissions)

3 Serving the Needs of Faculty & Students

4 Survey Results: Job Description


6 What is Instructional Coaching?
Instructional coaching involves two people: the classroom teacher and the coach Coaches work one-on-one and in small groups with teachers Coaches provide guidance, training, and other resources as needed. Coaches focus on practical strategies teachers use to engage students and improve their learning Coaches provide or arrange professional development activities for all teachers in a school

7 Instructional Coaching
Jim Knight, 2006

8 Data on Effectiveness of Instructional Coaching Model
In 18 of 21 PAHSCI (Pennsylvania High School Coaching Initiative) schools, the percentage of 11th-graders reaching proficient or advanced levels in math on the Pennsylvania System of Student Assessment (PSSA) exceeded the statewide percentage of students reaching proficiency from In 15 of 21 PAHSCI schools, the percentage of 11th-graders reaching proficient or advanced levels in reading on the PSSA exceeded the statewide percentage of students reaching proficiency from 91% of teachers coached regularly stated that coaches helped them understand and use new teaching strategies. 79% of teachers coached regularly said that their coach played a significant role in improving their classroom instruction and practice.

9 New Job Description Help teachers use data to make instructional decisions Researching, modeling and facilitating workshops on new instructional strategies Document & assess strategies we implement

10 Goals of New Job Description
Develop robust co-teaching model Develop robust co-planning model Build a strong culture of differentiation If these three goals are fulfilled your “professional tool box” will be enriched.

11 Homeroom teachers’ roles in this coaching model
Collect & process student achievement data Reflect on ways to meet ALL students’ needs Seek professional guidance & support to address student needs

12 What does this connect to?

13 Learning for Life: Essential Skills
Communicate and Collaborate Problem-find and Problem-solve Create and Innovate Reflect and Revise Serve and Lead

14 Learning for Life: Essential Attributes
Studies that integrate rather than separate Problems that require critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration Schedules and Spaces that fit learning Teachers in teams supporting learning and innovation Assessments and Feedback that promote learning and growth Content and Relationships that connect us to the larger world and the world to us

15 Timeline for our work as Instructional Coaches

16 Coaches’ Professional Learning
Professional Learning Team Facilitated by Center for Teaching Three coaches, Laura Pattison, Sue Davenport University of Kansas, Instructional Coaching Institute, Summer 2013 Carol Ann Tomlinson, 3-day workshop on differentiated instruction at ASCD conference March 2013 Auditing our own reservoir of strategies Researching PD for co-teaching/differentiation Lesson study Explore coach’s role in PLCs

17 Coaches continued support of teachers
Coaches work with grade-level team in GLM on implementing strategies Support teachers that attend PBL workshop in Feb 2013 with Buck Institute Collaborating with PLCs to address student learning problems through implementation of different instructional strategies Pushing out PD to individual grade teams Co-planning and modeling lessons

18 Outcomes All Westminster Elementary School students will reach their full potential as 21st Century Learners All Westminster teachers become experts at Learning for Life teaching strategies Build a robust model of co-teaching in the Elementary School. Achieve the goal where ALL teachers see themselves as “learners” & “entrepreneurs”

19 GOAL protocol to be updated by Faculty Meeting on Dec. 5th

20 Questions?

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