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Nicke Yunita Moecharam

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1 Nicke Yunita Moecharam
Three Components to Educational Research: Steps in Research Process, Approaches, Research Designs

2 Steps in the Research Process
Identifying a research Problem Reviewing the Literature Specifying a purpose Collecting Research data Analyzing and Intepreting Data Reporting and Evaluating Research

3 Two Approaches Quantitative Qualitative: What does it mean?

4 Research Design Experimental Corrational Survey Mixed method action Ethnography Grounded theory Narrative

5 Group discussion Each groups should be able to explain Figure 2.2 and Figure 2.3 from reading materials for week 3

6 Some Research Designs Experimental Designs: seeks to test whether an educational practice or idea make a difference for individuals Correlational Designs: examines the association or relation of one or more variables Survey Designs: seeks to describe trends in a large population of individuals. Ground Theory Designs: examine a number of individuals who have all experienced an action, interaction, or process.

7 Continued… Ethnographic Designs: examines a group of individuals in the setting where they live and work and in developing a portrait of how they interact Narrative Research Designs

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