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My Hobby: Football Ardelean Razvan.

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1 My Hobby: Football Ardelean Razvan

2 My history When I was little I watched many football matches with my father. When I had only five years I played football with my friends.

3 Soccer in the U.S. At school I play football every day and I also play when I have time. I was the best from my class and I wanted to play at a club.

4 My Team First I played at Electrica, a modest team,but I liked my team and my coleagues but because I had bad marks at school I can`t continue with my hobby,football.

5 My Return After only six months I came back to my team.I am playing at Electrica now and I love it.I am scored many goals for my team and my team is the first team of the ranking.

6 My Dream My dream is to play at my favourite team Barcelona or another big team from Europe. My favourite player is Messi because he is a talented player and when he was a child he had bad marks like me.

7 Advantages *healthy life *make some money Disavantages *you can broke your arm or leg *you need much time

8 Football is my life and I want to made of this a job.
THE END Football is my life and I want to made of this a job.

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