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Effective Meetings & Communication June 2013 1 Bud Mullanix.

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1 Effective Meetings & Communication June 2013 1 Bud Mullanix

2 Plan the Meeting 2 Identify the participants needed Identify what you want to accomplish Establish doable goals for the meeting Title goals & establish the framework for an effective meeting Stephen Covey states, Begin with the end in mind.

3 Make Sure You Need a Meeting 3 Once you develop your meeting plan, ensure a meeting is the best way to handle your objective. Meeting determinations include: A.Solve a problem B.Improve a process C.Make an ongoing plan

4 Ensure You have Appropriate Participation 4 Check with participants on meeting attendance Postpone a meeting rather than hold a meeting without the critical participants.

5 Distribute & Review Pre-work Prior to the Meeting 5 Pre-work makes a meeting more productive and helps ensure results. Provide pre-work; charts, graphs, pre-reading & agenda. Provide handouts 48 hours in advance of the meeting. * Remember: The better prepared you are, the better prepared the participants are, THE BETTER THE END RESULT!

6 Involve Your Participants 6 If you invited them to be there obviously their input is important. Ask for it, to those who may be quiet or reserved. Avoid one participant dominating or pushing all the others up the hill.

7 Effective Follow up Plan 7 Meeting minutes are important (Track) A.Specific Action items B.Name of accountable person (Owner) C.Due date of completion D.An agreement about what constitutes completion of action item.

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