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Spider Silk Dawson Bausman March 28, 2002. Variations Golden Orb Web Weaver.

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1 Spider Silk Dawson Bausman March 28, 2002

2 Variations Golden Orb Web Weaver

3 Spider Silk Where does it come from? What is it? What are its advantageous properties? How can it be mass produced? What are the applications?

4 Where does it come from?

5 The seven glands are: Ampulleceae major and minor for walking threads and dragline Pyriformes for the attaching threads Aciniformes for encapsulating prey Tubiliformes for the silk of the egg-sac Coronatae threads for the axis of the sticking threads Glandula aggregata for the sticky binding material


7 Silk Releasing Tubes 100-50,000 tubes Strands as small as 20 nanometers


9 Each fiber only 4 to 5 microns in diameter Entire strand about 15 to 20 microns in diameter

10 What is it? 30% to 45% crystalline

11 What is it? More than 50% of silk is a polymerized protein called fibroine.

12 What is it? Exact sequence and structure unknown (at least unpublished) Main contents are 7 natural Amino Acids Alanine and Glycine Glutamine, Leucine, Arginine, Tyrosine, Serine

13 What is it? 2 Alanine rich proteins embedded in a jelly like glycine rich polymer 1 protein is highly ordered crystalline, other is not ordered. These proteins give toughness.

14 What is it? How can proteins compete with Kevlar???

15 Advantageous Properties Tailorable Properties





20 Advantageous Properties Normal5x20x

21 Diameter Average is.15 mm Smallest Measured is.02 mm Human Detection Insect Detection of the web


23 Advantageous Properties Coated with antiseptic agents (pyrolidin, potassium hydrogen phosphate and potassium nitrate) Process proteins from water based solutions Water


25 Mechanical Properties Inelastic or Elastic Tough at low temperatures Tensile Strength of 400,000 lbs / sq. in 25% lighter than other synthetic petroleum based fibers Specific Strength


27 Nature vs. Man Nature is uncertain and slow Farming is not possible

28 Mass Production 22,000 base pairs to the genetic sequence Believed to only need 300 of these pairs

29 Mass Production Plants, Fungi, Bacteria Mammals

30 Webster and Pete


32 Stress Strain

33 Draw Ratio





38 Uses Past – WWI Cross hairs, Tribal uses

39 Uses Medical - sutures, tendons, ligaments –$10,000/gram

40 Uses Textile Industry

41 Automotive Industry

42 Bullet Proof Vests

43 Space Station Coatings

44 Biodegradable Fishing Line

45 Spider Man

46 Conclusions: Spider Silk is an excellent tailorable fiber material There is quite a bit of work yet to be done to perfect the process of making silk There are many potential applications of silk

47 Acknowledgements: Jeffery Turner and Chantal LaRouche of Nexia Biotechnologies David Knight and Fritz Vollrath of Oxford University Randy Lewis of the University of Wyoming


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