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A National University of Singapore Company

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1 A National University of Singapore Company
WELCOME Learning At Its Best A National University of Singapore Company

2 Concept Learning At Its Best Alphaphonics and Reading
Fun and children centered Based on latest research Multi-sensory activities Hands-on exercises Developmentally appropriate Cinema Edutainment Multiple Intelligence Effective teaching and learning techniqueS Ministry Education Singapore Syllabus Indonesia Rev. 20 Agustus 2009

3 Singapore Learning Vision and Mission
Learning At Its Best Vision To create an international high quality of educational module with low cost Mission To build up children’s critical thinking and creativity by providing and supporting an early excellent standard education for children through advance technology in Indonesia Indonesia

4 Teaching Methodology Learning At Its Best Blended approach
Face-to-face sessions Interactive multimedia activities Songs Games Jingles Reading materials Visual (“Lookers”) Auditory (“Hearers”) Kinesthetic (“Movers”) Children remember 90% of what they see, hear and do 2 multimedia softwares The Alphabet Soup The Storyline Systematic progression Basic letter sounds Decode simple words Blend letters Spell words Read sentences and stories Comprehension and communication are also strongly emphasised Indonesia

5 Structure Of The Alpha Phonics & Reading
Learning At Its Best 4-year course 4 levels Level 1 : Basic Level 2 : Intermediate Level 3 : Advance Level 4 : Early Readers 2 terms in a year - 52 lessons per level Each lesson 1½ hours Indonesia

6 Content & Coverage for Basic & Intermediate Levels
Learning At Its Best Recognise letters Letter sounds Vocabulary Word recognition Read simple sentences Comprehension Prewriting and writing The Alphabet Soup Cover the 26 letters Sequentially Systematically Lower case to upper case letters 2 terms Term 1 – Letters A to M Term 2 – Letters N to Z Indonesia

7 Content Coverage For Advance & Early Readers Levels
Learning At Its Best The Storyline Multi-sensory approach Letters of the alphabet are not taught sequentially Cover long and short sounds of a letter Blends, diagraphs and diphthongs Skills to combine letter sounds together Reading and comprehension skills Communication skills Indonesia

8 Benefits Competitive & Comparable Quality and Price Certified
International Standard Certified Cinema Edutainment Builds Confidence IT Knowledge Indonesia

9 Singapore Learning Equipments
Learning At Its Best CPU ( Pentium IV) LCD Proyektor (Cinema Edutainment ) Sound System Flash Card Kotak Magic (optional) Dadu (optional) Indonesia

10 Royalty Fee Rp. 30.000, -/siswa/bulan
Singapore Learning Learning At Its Best Licensing fee :Rp ,-. Instalation Fee :Rp ,- Royalty Fee Rp , -/siswa/bulan Indonesia

11 Contoh Sertifikat, Buku Basic Level & Buku My Word Bank Indonesia

12 Contoh Banner & Brosur

13 TERIMA KASIH Indonesia

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