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Vocabulary Level E Unit 3.

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1 Vocabulary Level E Unit 3

2 In Peter Pan Captain Hook is Peter’s ADVERSARY.
DEF = (n.) an enemy, opponent SYN = antagonist, rival, foe ANT = friend, ally, supporter WORD CONNECTION: Man VS. Man = VERSUS = against In Peter Pan Captain Hook is Peter’s ADVERSARY.

3 alienate DEF = (v.) to turn away; to make indifferent or hostile; to transfer, convey SYN = separate, drive apart, estrange ANT = befriend, attract, captivate, reconcile WORD CONNECTION: ALIEN = someone who does NOT belong someone who is separated from the group

4 artifice DEF = (n.) a skillful or ingenious device; a clever trick; a clever skill; trickery SYN = ruse, stratagem, contrivance WORD CONNECTION: ARTIFICIAL = NOT REAL The magician’s ARTIFICE was truly spellbinding!! We couldn’t figure out how he did his tricks!

5 coerce DEF = (v.) to compel, force SYN = pressure, bully, intimidate, constrain ANT = persuade, cajole WORD CONNECTION: To COERCE = to FORCE My older brother COERCED me into doing his chores by threatening to beat me up if I wouldn’t.

6 The COWARDLY LION is a CRAVEN character in the Wizard of Oz.
DEF = (adj.) cowardly; (n.) a coward SYN = fearful, fainthearted ANT = brave, courageous, valiant WORD CONNECTION: The craven was behaving in such a craven manner that he was allowing himself to be pushed around.

7 culinary DEF = (adj.) of or related to cooking or the kitchen
Rachel Ray on 30 Minute Meals Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America The Food Network offers many shows that cover a wide variety of CULINARY topics.

8 delete DEF = (v.) to erase, wipe out, cut out SYN = remove, cancel, expunge ANT = insert, add, retain, include We hit the “delete” button on the computer to erase our mistakes.

9 demise After the DEMISE of an important public figure, the city honors that person with a public funeral procession. DEF = (n.) a death, especially of a person in a lofty position SYN = decease, passing away, downfall ANT = birth, beginning, commencement WORD CONNECTION: After his deMISe, he will be MISsed.

10 exhilarate DEF = (v.) to enliven, cheer, give spirit or liveliness to SYN = stimulate, excite, gladden ANT = discourage, dispirit, dishearten, inhibit WORD CONNECTION: EXhilarate = EXcite

11 fallow DEF = (adj.) plowed but not seeded; inactive; reddish-yellow; (n.) land left unseeded; (v.) to plow but not seed SYN = unproductive, inert, dormant ANT = productive, fertile, prolific Which is Which? After the farmer fallowed a part of his land, the fallow began to look fallow.

12 demise fallow coerce adversary
Completing the Sentences: At age seven Gabe was already the school-yard bully, cruelly _______ other students into giving him their lunch money. It brought tears to my grandfather’s eyes when he finally became too old to work his farm and all of his farmland went __________. As the chess game wore on for over an hour, I began to realize that my___ was just as skilled a strategist as I. The Supreme Court Justice’s _________ left an opening on the Supreme Court that the president and congress needed to fill.

13 culinary exhilarate alienate
Completing the Sentences:  The feeling you get at the very top of a rollercoaster as you are about to plummet down an enormous hill is truly _____________. 2. Sheila cruelly _________Whitney from her group of friends by telling lies and spreading rumors about Whitney. 3. The full extent of my __________skill involves boiling water and toasting bread, and sometimes even that goes awry!

14 delete craven artifice
Completing the Sentences: Backing down from a fight is not always a(n) ________________ decision. Sometimes it is very wise. Once the authorities caught him, the counterfeit artist was on his way to jail for ____________________. Oh no! I forgot to __________________ the incorrect sections of my rough draft before I turned in my rewrite!

15 harass DEF = (v.) to disturb, worry; to trouble by repeated attacks SYN = annoy, pester, bedevil, beleaguer WORD CONNECTION: To HARass is to give someone a HARd time. SpongeBob and Patrick HARASS Squidward. They constantly ANNOY and PESTER him.

16 inclement DEF = (adj.) stormy, harsh; severe in attitude or action SYN = blustery, tempestuous, implacable ANT = mild, gentle, balmy, tranquil Sound CONNECTION: A CLIMATE can be INCLEMENT.

17 muse DEF = (v.) to think about in a dreamy way, ponder SYN = meditate, contemplate, daydream Mythology CONNECTION: In Greek mythology, the “Muses” were believed to inspire high level thinking. Think, think, think…

18 negligible DEF = (adj.) so unimportant that it can be disregarded SYN = trivial, inconsequential, insignificant ANT = significant, crucial, momentous

19 Overspending will PERPETUATE your overdue bills.
DEF = (v.) to make PERmanent or long-lasting SYN = continue, preserve, prolong indefinitely ANT = discontinue, abolish, abandon WORD CONNECTION: PER = PERsevere PERmanent PERpetual = PERennial Overspending will PERPETUATE your overdue bills.

20 precedent DEF = (n.) an example that may serve as a basis for imitation or later action SYN = guide, tradition, model WORD CONNECTION: To “PRECEDE” means to come BEFORE. A PRECEDENT comes before later action.

21 punitive DEF = (adj.) inflicting or aiming at punishment SYN = penalizing, retaliatory WORD CONNECTION: PUNIshment = PUNItive

22 An accident victim might receive money to REDRESS his suffering.
DEF = (v.) to set right, remedy; (n.) relief from wrong or injury SYN = (v.) rectify, correct, mitigate An accident victim might receive money to REDRESS his suffering.

23 sojourn DEF = (n.) a temporary stay; (v.) to stay for a time SYN = (n.) visit, stopover, brief stay WORD CONNECTION: During a JOURNey, one may have to soJOURN at a hotel.

24 urbane DEF = (adj.) refined in manner or style, suave SYN = elegant ANT = crude, uncouth, boorish WORD CONNECTION: Many people who live in URBAN environments are very URBANE. They call him Bond, James Bond. The URBANE move star always looks polished and stylish.

25 punitive sojourn inclement
Completing the Sentences: The song, “Thunder Rolls,” by Garth Brooks matches a woman’s internal anger at her husband with the ______________ weather conditions outside. After a brief ____________________ and a good meal, I think we’ll be ready to hit the road again tomorrow. Having his cell phone taken away by his parents was a natural _______________ action after Jake had exceeded the minutes on his phone plan.

26 harass muse precedent redress
Completing the Sentences: Unfortunately, being __________by flies and mosquitoes ruined our camping trip. As the Homecoming Dance approached, Shelby ________on how she would wear her hair. I hope the past generations’ apathy toward voting does not become a ____for future generations. Some criminals are forced to do community service in an attempt to ______their past mistakes.

27 perpetuate negligible urbane
Completing the Sentences: The administration of the school was very sad to see the small, __________increase in their students’ reading scores. An _________ person will handle all situations with grace even if those situations become unpleasant. Large donations to the American Red Cross will help researchers ___________their search for cures to many different diseases.

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