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ILS Technology. Play-With-Me Screen Multi User Games on a large Video Projection Screen.

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1 ILS Technology

2 Play-With-Me Screen Multi User Games on a large Video Projection Screen

3 The players use the ILSPointer and click onto the Screen

4 Entertainment & Marketing Large companies successfully used the Interactive Projection Screen

5 The Play-With-Me Screen Up to 50 Users (ILS Small) and up to 900 Users (ILS XXL) can participate in Games simultaneously Simply by using an ILSPointer and clicking (like with a mouse) In Cinemas, Pubs, during Road Shows, during Fairs, in Hotels during a Conference, while waiting at the Airport or Train Station, etc.

6 In Action

7 Market Acceptance

8 Interactive Film Controlled with Pointers Real movie with overlaid computer graphics Shoot meteorites Answer space questions

9 The ILSPointer Different Shapes are possible Customer or Sponsor Shapes like a Coke Bottle e.g. Phaser for Star Trek Fans May be built-in into a Mobile Cellular Phone (OEM)

10 The ILSPointer There is a rechargeable battery at the rear. In front, there are the spread light LED, the focused LED, the laser diode (which will only be used outdoor in the future) and the IR receiver. 2 buttons and a round cursor key allow a complex controlling of games.

11 The ILSCharger Simultaneous charging of 10 Pointers Display 4 Lines with 16 Characters and Backlight 4 Buttons: Up,Down,Enter,Escape Infrared Communication with the Pointers allows loading of Player Alias and ID and assigning the Players Picture...... and also new firmware download into the ILSPointer, once new features are added

12 The ILSScreen The Screen Assembly consists of Vertical and Horizontal Sticks. The Picture shows an Assembly with a Width of 50cm and a Height of 100cm (2 Panels). The Sticks can be plugged into each other to the Right and Bottom up to a total Screen Size of 9m x 6m. The Sticks can easily been replaced without disassembly of the whole Screen. On each Vertical Stick there are 8 Infrared Sensors, which detect the Position, where the Pointer is aiming to. These Sticks are behind the projection foil, where infrared light easily goes through.

13 The ILSScreen In the top left Corner of the Screen the DSUB9 Connector to the PC and the Infrared LEDs are visible. Also visible are the Infrared Receivers on the Vertical Sticks

14 Possible Screen Sizes ILS Small fixed to 2m x 1.5m, ILS Medium up to 4m x 3m and the new ILS XXL up to 9m x 6m

15 Generating the Cursors The center of the IR light is calculated and the co-ordinates are transmitted to the PC, which displays the users cursor symbol

16 Memory Once a player clicks, his color flag is fixed at the picture (2 Players are still moving, 6 have already shot)

17 Duck Shooting Also a classical shooter has been realized

18 Quiz Show Answer questions with the ILSPointer

19 Voting or Dating Show It is also possible to allow the users to vote about products, etc.

20 Laserball The Players are controlled by the ILSPointers Moving direction, speed and where to shoot to.

21 Vielen Dank Harald Sonntag Director Sales & Marketing ARNDT electronic GmbH Am Schlangengraben 16 D-13597 Berlin Germany Phone (direct line):+49 (0)7744 933 575 Phone (Berlin): +49 (0)30 351068 - 31 Fax: +49 (0)30 351068 - 41 Mobile:+49 (0)160 9027 9430

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