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Verrillon Confidential Presentation on Components Optical Communication 40202.

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1 Verrillon Confidential Presentation on Components Optical Communication 40202

2 2 Verrillon Confidential Contents Specialty fibers Verrillon Couplers AOFR/Verrillon EDFA New Elite Fiber Lasers / EDFA Keopsys TOSA/ROSA Transmitters New-Elite Spectrometer CDI ACTION PLAN

3 3 Verrillon Confidential Rare-Earth Doping Capabilities Erbium Doped Fiber -High Al concentration for efficiency and gain flatness -Very consistent deposition and processing -Full EDF characterization lab

4 4 Verrillon Confidential AOFRs Competitive Advantages Coupler Design and Process -AOFR in-house designed stations Flexibility in coupler design Clean Furnace High level of automation High degree of process control Superior packaging Superior Performance Superior Reliability AOFR A Verrillon Company

5 5 Verrillon Confidential AOFRs Competitive Advantages Large Capacity Potential -1.5M coupler capacity available Over 12 years of experience -10 10 device hours in the field -10 6 device hours tested -ISO9001 Certified since 1993 AOFR A Verrillon Company

6 6 Verrillon Confidential Product Line-up Couplers/Splitters -1x2 or 2x2 Wideband or Wavelength Flattened -Splitter assemblies (1x2 to 2x32) -1x3 and 1x4 monolithic splitters WDMs -1310/1550 broadband WDMs -980/1550 and 1480/1550 EDFA pump WDMs AOFR A Verrillon Company

7 7 Verrillon Confidential High Reliability Couplers Sub-sea requirements - <0.1 FIT (for 10k devices - 1 failure allowed in 120 yrs) - Full product traceability for 27 years Process changes from standard product - Chemical fiber stripping - Manufactured under clean-room conditions - Additional testing and data recording - Additional process inspection (photo records) - Angle cleave of null termination port - Temperature screening - Pigtail proof testing AOFR A Verrillon Company

8 8 Verrillon Confidential NE6300 Series – Mini EDFA Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier Features: Compact package. Single-channel or narrow band amplification allowable. Wide operating wavelength. Low power consumption ( 1W) with un-cooled laser option. High stability and reliability Applications Single channel and narrow band amplification for long-haul, metropolitan and access networks. Amplifiers for transmitter modules. Boost tunable laser sources. Description: The NE6300 series product are well designed to offer excellent performance of single-channel or narrow band amplification in a compact package. The characteristics of small form factor, low power consumption and high reliability can be achieved through optimized optical and circuit designs. With the embedded circuits including microprocessor unit, laser diode control, TEC cooler and photo-diode detection, this mini-EDFA can provide optical signal amplification in long-haul, metropolitan or access networks. The status message can be accessed through RS232 interface.

9 9 Verrillon Confidential Action Plan Look for RFQs -WDM 1310-1550,980-1550 -C-Band 5/95; 2/98;1/99 -Many couplers in one package -TOSA/ROSA -Transceivers -Spectrometer -Fiber Laser

10 10 Verrillon Confidential Contact Details -Moshe Bril -IL Photonics -Phone: +972-2-9923532 Fax: +972-2-9992126 Mobile: +972-67-309940 E-Mail: Site: Hashita 511, POB 3312, -Beit Shemesh 99552, Israel.

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