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IH Directors Conference Lisbon 2013. Portuguese for IH Directors IH Directors Conference Lisbon – Colin McMillan.

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1 IH Directors Conference Lisbon 2013

2 Portuguese for IH Directors IH Directors Conference Lisbon – Colin McMillan

3 IHWO Update and Quality Standards Revision IH Directors Conference Lisbon - Lucy Horsefield

4 Our Conference Theme The IH Experience





9 The IH Quality Standards and Affiliation Agreement are the essential foundations of our clients IH Experience. A high quality language learning experience isnt a unique selling point – it is expected and assumed. Processes, systems, procedures, policies…. Not always very exciting but without them the IH Experience magic cant happen. Quality Standards

10 Strategic Objective Improve standards and ensure full compliance of our members

11 Quality Management Targets The new standards and report format should remove ambiguity with regards to met and not met. In 2014 we should aim to celebrate total compliance. No requirements for any IH school anywhere.

12 Changes to the IH Charters The Student Charter – The Client Charter Client Charter defines the Client Experience from beginning to end. The Client Charter and Study Abroad Charter are for public display, the remaining charters will be for internal display – for Staff and Teachers.

13 Changes to the IH Charters All staffing and employment matters (not just for teachers) are covered in the Staff Charter Teacher and Organisational Management Charter are shorter - no repetition! Branding and other key obligations from Affiliation Agreement are included in the report template but removed from the Charters

14 New - Young Learners Client Charter C5. IH schools that provide language learning services to clients under the age of 18 shall: -adhere to the relevant laws and guidelines of their country; -establish, document and regularly review internal policies; -provide teachers with specific training. Study Abroad Charter has new section relating to junior residential schools

15 Staff Charter – Teacher T&Cs S3 …..terms and conditions for contracted academic staff shall comply with the following:......a minimum paid annual holiday entitlement of 20 working-days (local exceptions agreed with IHWO will be included in individual school affiliation agreements); …. …A pro-rated provision of the above shall apply for part- time, temporary or vacation centre teachers. Freelance teachers should be treated fairly and reasonably.

16 IH Charters are ISO friendly An ISO standard is in development called : 'Learning services for non-formal education and training - Specific requirements for providers of language learning services' ISO 29991-1. IH Charters re-write takes this into account E.g. C7. IH schools analyse client feedback and record action taken as a result of feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

17 Report format and content So whats new? New format to make the report less repetitive and more logical. Topic-based rather than Charter-based Clear criteria in all sections – for Inspectors and Schools Why? To make the report more relevant, accessible and readable: a working document

18 Report format and content 2. Information from school (provided in advance) 2.1 Important Changes since last inspection: Management, Ownership, Facilities, Staff 2.2 Marketing and Business Development Business Development Marketing Activities Competitors 3. Action taken on any previous requirements

19 Report format and content New Checklists Health and Safety – First Aid, Fire, Emergency Physical Environment – cleanliness, comfort, maintenance/decoration, environment Affiliation Agreement Obligations Clauses from Affiliation Agreement relating to branding - Aff Ag. 6.1.4, Aff Ag. 6.1.5, Aff Ag. 6.1.


21 Vote in revised Charters - 30 th April 2013. Allow all schools 3 months to familiarise themselves with revised charters and new report format. Schools can conduct self audit using report. Train inspectors Summer 2013. All IH schools inspected using new charters and report template from September 2013. Quality Standards – Action Plan

22 Self-study online training course - input, case studies and examples of completed reports. Comprehension tasks to ensure familiarity with the Affiliation Agreement and revised charters. Write a report in new format. Ensure informed about IH Brand Guidelines. Standardisation and refresher training every 2 years. Quality Standards – Inspectors

23 Standardised, clearly specified and tightly monitored time frames for meeting requirements. 3 months for important requirements that take time. E.g. Incorrect use of brand mark, lack of teacher development sessions. 6 months for longer term requirements. E.g. teacher qualifications, observation programme. Re-inspection of schools after 1 year if they have 5 or more requirements. Quality Standards – Requirements

24 We plan to create a new data collection form within Affiliates Area that schools update can annually. What data? Company Clients, Exams, Student numbers…. How much detail do we need? It may be be different for Community and Study Abroad schools. Numbers of students weeks and hours? Age, profession of students? Where they come from? We will review the work GAELA has done to ensure we collect what is valuable. IH Data Collection Project

25 Membership Satisfaction Survey We are delighted with what we get from IH. (Improve our members delight)

26 Responses representing 106 schools which is 68% of network (72% in 2012) 28 countries (optional) 60% Community schools, 40% Study Abroad (or both SA and community) Who replied?

27 Good range of members with regards to length of affiliation. (Last year 30% were new schools). School Turnover Who replied? Answer Options Response 2012 Response 2013 Less than 200,000 Euros 31%22% 200,000 - 349,999 Euros 16%14% 350,000 - 999,999 Euros 23%36% 1,000,000 - 1,999,999 Euros 13%12% 2,000,000 - 2,999,999 Euros 7% 3,000,000 - 4,999,999 Euros 5%3% More than 5,000,000 Euros 5%6%

28 Overall satisfaction with benefits received from IHWO

29 Profitability in 2012 compared with 2011 Membership Feedback

30 Increase in Adult courses - exams and training to improve work prospects. Increased demand for 1 to 1. Increase in demand for Kids and Teens (except for in locations where state school language lesson improving). SA schools source of students is changing – drop in students from Asia, more from Latin America. Changing customer base

31 More marketing and promotion Tougher on quality issues and inspections Some SA schools would like to do more together. Business support More promotional material Requests for the future

32 IH Achievements and Timeline 20 schools responded (displayed in corridor) Wiki page or online scrapbook English Club TV will create an IH Timeline promotional video.

33 Conference Programme IH Lisbon Party and Wine Auction 6.30 onwards Dont forget – Proposals, Suggestions and Man Com election nominations

34 IH Directors Conference Lisbon 2013

35 Academic Team Update 60 th Lesson Plan Competition and 60 th materials 60 th Lesson Plan Competition and 60 th materials New Teacher Development Courses – Very Young Learners and Teacher Trainer New Teacher Development Courses – Very Young Learners and Teacher Trainer IH 60 th Anniversary Online Events IH 60 th Anniversary Online Events

36 24 & 25 th May 2013 60 Ideas for 60 th Anniversary Online Conference Autumn 2013 Online Seminar Series culminating in live and online event in mid November. IH 60 th Anniversary Online Events

37 60 th Timeline 60 Tips for Teachers and Learners IH 60 th Video Projects

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