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…If You Lived With the Cherokee

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1 …If You Lived With the Cherokee
By Mr. Graham’s Fourth Grade NWES

2 Introduction Native Americans were the first group of people to live in what is now known as the United States. There were about 250 different tribes. Each tribe had its own language, customs and way of life. This presentation will tell about the Cherokee people who lived long ago from 1740 to In that time period, the Cherokee lived, hunted, farmed, fought and traded in the area known as the Great Smoky Mountains in the southeastern United States. This picture expresses the idea that the Cherokee people and culture are a big part of the history of this country.

3 Who are the Cherokee? The Cherokee people call themselves Aniyunwiya, which means Principal People. They migrated to the Great Smoky Mountains over one thousand years ago. They loved this land and said that it was the center of the world. Their happy lives in the mountains changed when the Europeans came and began to trade and force them off of their land. The Cherokee are proud of their culture and heritage.

4 What would you look like?
If you lived with Cherokee this is what you would look like. The Cherokee skin color is light tan to dark tan .The girls’ hair is black and straight and long . The Cherokee are slim. Men and boys shaved their hair and left a small patch on the head. Leny Lopez This is how a Cherokee might look.

5 What would you wear? If you lived with the Cherokee, this is what
you would wear. Men and boys wore breechcloth, which was a band of skin that hung from a belt at the waist. They wore moccasins on their feet. They wore bear, panther, and beaver skins. Letisha Hairston This is what the Cherokee kids look like.

6 Who was in your family? If you live with the Cherokee this is who would be in your large family. Your large family is called a clan. There were seven clans and you would be part of your mother’s clan. Your relatives were your mother’s family. Isaiah Turner This picture shows the seven Cherokee clans.

7 How did people get married?
If you lived with the Cherokee this is how you would get married. First your families exchanged special gifts and then after the wedding the man moved into the woman's house with her family. It was forbidden to marry someone from your own clan. To get divorced, a Cherokee woman had to put her husband’s things outside the door of their house. Mya Weldy This picture shows how Cherokee people get married.

8 How did you get your name?
If you lived with the Cherokee this is how you got your name. When babies are four to seven days old they got their name in a special ceremony. You could change your name several different times. You could change your name to something your good at. Examples of names are Swimmer, if you are good at it. If you are happy, your name would be called, “she who brings happiness”. Katelyn Hamm Some Cherokee men got their names because of something they did well.

9 What did your house look like?
If you lived with the Cherokee, this is what your house would look like. Your summer home would be made entirely of logs, and your summer home’s door would be deer skin. Your winter home was made out of mud. Your winter home’s roof would be made of thatched reeds shaped like a cone. Beaver, otter, or buffalo skins were your warm blankets. Jackson Teague This is a picture of a winter house, summer house, and a fire with a pothook in a Cherokee village.

10 What was a Cherokee village like?
If you lived with the Cherokee this is what your village would be like. Your village would have 200 to 400 or more people living in it. The council house can hold about 400 Cherokee. And from your arbor you could watch dances, games and ceremonies. And the Cherokee put post up so enemies or wild animals can get in the village. And that is what i learned from the part what was a Cherokee village like? By Peter and Connie Roop. Sasha Alexander This is what a Cherokee village might look like.

11 Who were your village leaders ?
If you lived with the Cherokee, this is who your village leaders would be. Each village had two chiefs, one for peace and one for war. The head man helped the chief make decisions .A woman could not be chief, but she had the same rights as a man. The priest often talked for hours about the correct spiritual ways to live. Alex Martinez-Noah The Cherokee would have two village leaders one for war and one for peace.

12 How would you work? If you lived with the Cherokee this is how you would work. No matter how old you where you would work. You would take care of the tobacco. You would help make your summer and winter homes. Moms would cook, make clay pots and take care of the children. Nicholas Bell This is a picture of two people working to gather food.

13 What tools would you use?
If you lived with the Cherokee, this is what tools you would use. I learned that the Cherokee used stones and bones until the settlers came. I also learned the girls sharpened stones to make a hoe to use in their gardens. I discovered that the boys made bows and arrows out of bones and stone. D’neizah Harris These are the tools that the Cherokee Indians used.

14 What did you eat ? If you lived with the Cherokee,
this is what would eat. They ate lots of veggies like corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, mushrooms, and wild potatoes. They ate deer meat, crayfish, buffalo, squirrels, birds, and frogs. You could add honey or maple sap to sweeten your food. Corn was their favorite food to use to make bread, soups, and stews. For dessert, they would have berries. Stephanie Villegas This picture shows some of the foods the Cherokees ate.

15 How did you hunt and fish?
If you lived with the Cherokee this is how you hunt and fish. If you want to hunt large animals you had to use bow and arrow. They use blow guns to hunt small animals. They use bone hooks and box tramps to caught fish. Fishing is an important skill for men and boy. Dennis Morales These are some things the Cherokee used to hunt and fish.

16 Were there special hunting ceremonies?
If you lived with the Cherokee, you would have taken part in special hunting ceremonies. Before they hunted, they did animal dances, and after an animal was killed, the hunter prayed for it. There were different animal dances for different animals. The Cherokee believed that bears had once been human. Joella Villegas This picture shows Cherokee people at a special hunting ceremony.

17 How did you get around the forest?
If you lived with the Cherokee, this is how would you get around the forest. Many trails were made by deer and other animals. Many trails led to tribes, too. The Cherokee and other tribes used the Great Warriors Path for quick raids against their enemies. Thousands of Cherokee feet made the trails smooth . The higher mountains were very rugged and there were few trails . BRENDA NAJERA- ANGEL The Cherokee blew darts if they saw enemies in the forest .

18 Who were your enemies? If you lived with the Cherokee, you would have enemies. Your greatest enemies were the Choctaw and the Creek. Once you had taken your enemies by surprise, you would kill only as many of the enemy as they killed of your clan. The Cherokee people fought in many wars while Europeans fought for control of America. They also fought with General Andrew Jackson in 1812 to defeat the Creek. The Cherokee never had to fight the Creek again. Errik Roten This is a picture of the Cherokee fighting their enemies.

19 Did the Cherokee scalp their enemies?
If you lived with the Cherokee, you would scalp your enemies. The Cherokee learned how to scalp their enemies from the Europeans. Even then they rarely scalped an enemy. To earn a feather, a boy would have to be brave in battle. He would do a courageous or dangerous deed in front of others to see how brave he was. Jessica Avila This picture shows a Cherokee holding a scalp.

20 Did you go to school? If you lived with the Cherokee, you would
not go to school in a building. Your parents and relatives would teach you. You learned Cherokee history through stories. You were learning all the time. Sean Minton This is a picture of a father teaching his children.

21 Did you learn to read and write?
If you lived with the Cherokee this is how you would learn to read write. Sequoyah and Ahyoka were the first to invent an alphabet in 1821. The Cherokee syllabary had eighty five characters. Many Cherokee learned to read and write in only a few days. Sadie Otriz This is a picture of a girl learning to read and write.

22 What would you celebrate?
If you lived with the Cherokee, this is what would you celebrate. The Cherokee celebrated important seasonal events. In the fall, they celebrated Atohuna, the Friendship Ceremony, when they forget grudges and built friendships. The men dressed in costumes and danced around the fire acting like clowns. The children tried to guess which father was theirs. Jenny Yang This picture shows men dancing around the fire during a celebration.

23 What happened if you got sick?
If you lived with the Cherokees, this is what would happen if you got sick. The Cherokees believed that sickness was caused by animals seeking revenge for the harm people did to them. They also believed the plants were friends of people and would fight the sickness. If you got sick, your mom or grandmother would care for you. The Cherokees had 400 plants they used for medicine. Evelyn Pineda This is a picture of a mom helping a sick person.

24 What games would play? If you lived with the Cherokee,
these are the games you played. One of the games was called hawk-fighting, and it was a boy’s favorite game. Chunkey was another game boys liked. They played with stones and a spear and tried to hit the stone to make it move. Listening to stories was every kid’s favorite activity. There were scary stories, funny ones, and serious ones. Many of the stories made you a better person and a better warrior. Manesha Barragan This is a game Cherokee children might have played.

25 Were there any team sports?
If you lived with the Cherokee, you would have played in team sports. Stickball was a major Cherokee sport. Stickball was a really brutal game, and it was called “the little brother of war.” Women and girls played stickball, too. Moises Ocampo Stickball was played by the Cherokee. Now we call the game lacrosse.

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