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1 Heat

2 Energy the ability to do work or to change something
used whenever the location, makeup or look of something changes

3 Thermal energy the total energy of motion of particles in a system
measure how fast the particles move and how many are moving energy due to moving particles that make up matter felt as heat

4 Temperature measure of the average amount of motion of particles in matter measured with a thermometer in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius high temperature – the particles move fast low temperature – the particles move slowly does not measure how much heat the material has

5 Conduction the transfer of heat energy by one thing touching another
conductors allow heat to move through them – metals like aluminum, iron, copper insulators limit the amount of heat that passes through it –wood, plastic, marble

6 Insulators

7 Conductors

8 Convection Current a pattern of flowing heat energy
forms when gas or liquid transfers heat as it moves Heated air is less dense than cool air. Cool air sinks and the warm air is forced up. The cool air is warmed by the heat source and is forced up by more cool air.

9 Radiation the transmission of energy as light
comes from the sun or a fire can travel through matter or empty space absorbed by dark-colored or dull surfaces reflected by light or shiny surfaces passes through clear materials

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