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What is this? What is it made of? Why? What could this have to do with this workshop?

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1 What is this? What is it made of? Why? What could this have to do with this workshop?


3 What does the theory say?

4 Language is a translation of something else, a conversion from non-linguistic images which stand for entities, events, relationships and inferences…..and imagery can help us to reconstruct in the present what we experienced and learned in the past (Damasio 2000:107) Images are what the mind is actually made of….an essential condition for mind is the ability to display images internally and to order these images in a process called thought (Damasio 1994:89-90)

5 an exchange of words is communicative only when it causes some modification of the images in the hearers mind. (Stevick 1986:16) Images are essential for us to get meaning out of language, to construct meaning from text and it has even been said that those who cannot imagine, cannot read (Eisner 1992:125)

6 An important component of motivation is personal meaning and one of the most demotivating factors for learners is when they have to learn something that they cannot see the point of because it has no seeming relevance to their lives. Images, however, are always related to personal meaning, as they come from within us as we read or listen (Dörnyei 2001:63)

7 How does this apply to our

8 Activity

9 Experiment……..






15 Christmas is time for missing Who is not here anymore Time for remembering good memories And time for wishing the best To those you really love Mavi Christmas is about contrasts The warm and the cold Spirituality and consumerism The union of family and friends And the loneliness of some people The illusion of childhood And the missing of those gone The news about wars whose intentions were peace The capacity to bring us for a few days To reflect on our lives Christmas is a special time all of its own Fátima The cold its outside In the house, our fire The trees are full of snow And under my tree: the show I wish I had you all here During the whole New Year Wanda

16 Activity

17 Grow the structure…… Location Time of the year Weather Characters Main Event Characters experience and feelings Smell Touch Hear Close/ending Title for your film

18 Grow the structure…… Location Time of the year Weather Characters Main Event Characters experience and feelings Smell Touch Hear Close/ending Title for your film

19 Activity

20 But o how bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another mans eyes Shakespeare – As You Like It

21 Im stuck with no way out

22 How about…… If I were You I would…… You should…. Have you tried…?

23 Effective coaching in the workplace holds a mirror up for clients, so they can see their own thinking process. As a coach, Im not listening for the content of what is being said as much as Im listening to the way they are thinking, including how their attention is focused and how they define the key elements of the situation. (Gallway – The Inner Game) Source – Coaching – Amanda Vickers and Steve Bavister

24 CLIENT: Im stuck with no way out THERAPIST: Have you got the determination to walk away? Implies the solution for the client is to be away from their current situation Imposes determination as the resource required Assumes the client will walk away (rather than leaping, soaring, melting, evaporating etc)

25 CLIENT: Im stuck with no way out THERAPIST: What would happen if you could find a way out? Cleaner language – uses clients words But embedded command find a way out finding has imposed the therapists model of the world on the client No recognition of stuckness, invalidating clients current reality

26 CLIENT: Im stuck with no way out CLQ: and what kind of stuck with no way out is that stuck with no way out ? CLIENT AMy whole body feels its sinking into the ground CLIENT B I cant see the way forward, its all foggy CLIENT C Every door that was opened to me is closed

27 And as imagination bodies forth The forms of things unkown, the poets pen Turns them into shapes, and gives to airy nothing A local habitation and a name Shakespeare: A Midsummer Nights Dream

28 Therapist works with the clients metaphor And only assumes that to be stuck is to be stuck somewhere If in rapport with the client, these questions make sense and clients responses have a quality of deep introspection and self-discovery Process ultimately accesses conflicts, paradoxes, double binds and other holding patterns which have kept systems repeating over

29 Source: (David Grove) SYNTAX UNIQUE DELIVERY METHOD MINIMUM OF PRESUPPOSITION The LESS I attempted to change the clients model of the world, the MORE they experienced their own core patterns and organic, lasting changes naturally emerged from the system NLP STRUCTURE CL CONTENT

30 Trying fails, awareness cures Timothy Gallway (2000) P=p-i Performance = potential-inference

31 When we find ourselves at impasse, we all begin to tell a story that explains our sense of being stuck or lost. We come bearing information about ourselves that is pre-cognition, pre- language and pre-story – it is that information we need next, a felt sense or the implicit (Eugene Gendlin) (Source: Getting Unstuck – Timothy Butler)

32 In order to take hold of the implicit we must develop it into the next level of awareness : it must become IMAGE It is the first glimpse of a part of our reality that is just beyond our reach. Any real vision that can lead us forward can only be built upon and first experienced thorough images. (Source: Getting Unstuck – Timothy Butler)

33 Remembering by metaphor is an ingenious technique that allows us to remedy our weaknesses by capitalising our strengths, using things that we can visualise, to think, talk and reason about things we cant. (Source: Stumbling on Happiness – Daniel Gilbert) These images are preverbal messages, aspects of self-awareness that have not yet been processed through the language centres of the brain. Letting an image work in your body is a way ofknowing with your bones

34 despair of wanting to be another self Soren Kierkgaard Crisis is the crucible for the work of making a larger self. (Source: Timothy Butler)

35 the question is no longer whether or not mental imagery facilitates learning but rather how it can best be used to produce the optimum facilitation (Alesandrini 1985:207)

36 Imagery work can contribute to the following: Increase learners cognitive skills and creativity Work with and help to develop almost all of multiple intelligences, most esp.intrapersonal I. Improve reading and listening comprehension Provide things they want to say when they speak or write Enable them to remember better what they have learned (using multi-sensory dimension) Enhance motivation – (stretched, not overwhelmed – stimulus is from own resources and experience) Strengthen their self-concept Help to focus their attention

37 Imagery work makes our learners protagonists of their learning process. (Source: Imagine That)


39 If we, in our zeal to be humanistic, become too learner centered with regard to control, we undermine the learners most basic need, which is for security

40 The preservation of the self-image is the first law of psychological survival…this means that the stakes in any social encounter are incredibly high (Stevick: A way and Ways)

41 To become an object of primary value in a world of meaningful action (Ernest Beker), the students place is in the centre of a space which the TT has structured, with room left for him to grow into (Stevick)

42 We should not confuse knowledge, no matter how subtle, with life. We must always step into life, into what is next for us, right here and now (Timothy Butler – Getting Unstuck)

43 The richest sources of exploitable ambuiguity are not words, sentences or shapes, but the intricate, variegated, multi-dimensional experiences of which every human life is a collage (Daniel Gilbert)

44 If a picture paints a thousand words… then why cant I paint you?.........


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