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Copyright © 2004 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. Sales presentation The Satellite A50 series TISB, May 2004.

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Presentation on theme: "Copyright © 2004 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. Sales presentation The Satellite A50 series TISB, May 2004."— Presentation transcript:

1 Copyright © 2004 Toshiba Corporation. All rights reserved. Sales presentation The Satellite A50 series TISB, May 2004

2 May 20042/Satellite A50 sales presentation2 Notebook segmentation: usage pattern / performance Desktop replacement Mobile Entertainment Centre Mobile professionals Performance Satellite A50 Satellite Pro A40 Satellite M30 Tecra M2 Portégé M100 Portégé M200 Satellite Pro M30 Satellite P10Satellite P20 Tecra S1 Tablet PC Mobile Ultra mobile Portégé R100 B2C B2B Satellite A40

3 May 20043/Satellite A50 sales presentation3 Satellite series: An unbeatable combination of design, multimedia and performance. P20 series P10 series M30 series A50 series A40 series

4 May 20044/Satellite A50 sales presentation4 Positioning Sleek and powerful. Experience mobility at an affordable price. Style need not always come at a high price. The sleek and slim Satellite A50 offers affordable productivity for modern-day users on the move.

5 May 20045/Satellite A50 sales presentation5 Why choose the Satellite A50 series? 1.Choose mobility with the new Intel processing technology 2.Experience multimedia on the move 3.Stay connected with integrated wireless LAN 4.Gain instant productivity 5.Enjoy the slim and lightweight design

6 May 20046/Satellite A50 sales presentation6 1. Choose mobility with the new Intel processing technology The Intel ® Pentium ® M processor is designed for mobility, including breakthrough mobile performance, wireless connectivity and extended battery life, all in a sleek and light notebook design. Satellite A50-432: Intel ® Centrino mobile technology including Intel ® Pentium ® M processor, 1.5 GHz, 256 + 256 MB DDR RAM, 40 GB hard disk, 1 MB 2nd level cache

7 May 20047/Satellite A50 sales presentation7 Featuring a DVD-R/-RW drive, you can choose from copying CDs and DVDs to watching DVD films anywhere, anytime.

8 May 20048/Satellite A50 sales presentation8 With the TV-out port, you can connect your notebook to a TV, providing an extended platform for interactive gaming, presentations or watching films. The combination of Toshiba Bass Enhanced Sound System, SRS ® TruSurround XT sound technology with its compelling, virtual surround sound effect and Intel ® Montara GM graphics with up to 64 MB VRAM, provides users with a memorable multimedia experience. A dedicated Multimedia Bar with Easy Keys gives convenient one touch control of the DVD/CD/MP3 player. Superb 15-inch TFT XGA display for optimised, high-resolution picture or film viewing 2. Experience multimedia on the move

9 May 20049/Satellite A50 sales presentation9 SRS ® TruSurround XT sound technology Nowadays, by using your DVD player, you can easily enjoy multi- channel soundtracks for movies and music in the comfort of your living room or at your computer. However most televisions and computer playback systems have only two speakers. TruSurround XT bridges this gap processing any multi-channel audio source and transforms the material into breathtaking virtual surround sound from just two speakers or through your headphones.

10 May 200410/Satellite A50 sales presentation10 SRS ® TruSurround XT sound technology TruSurround technology lets you take advantage of any multichannel format, such as Dolby Surround, Digital 5.1, Dolby Pro Logic, or DTS, without needing to add extra speakers or equipment. TruSurround "virtually" places the individual audio channels where they are supposed to be, as though you had speakers all around you. Left Surround Right Surround

11 May 200411/Satellite A50 sales presentation11 3. Stay connected with integrated Wireless LAN For the ultimate mobile user, the Satellite A50 provides integrated Wireless LAN 802.11b/g*. Wireless LAN 802.11b/g* dual mode is up to 5x faster than Wireless LAN 802.11b for high-speed access to company networks or the Internet. * Dependant on model and configuration

12 May 200412/Satellite A50 sales presentation12 4. Gain instant productivity Toshiba ConfigFree Simplify wireless and network connectivity, as well as simple fault analysis. The Satellite A50 series offers a series of software utilities for improved usability and ease-of-use. * Not available in all countries Sonic RecordNow! is the state-of the-art CD and DVD mastering tool It includes all the features needed for creating music CDs, data CDs and DVDs, exact copies, disc images, and bootable discs and it can all be done with just a few clicks of the mouse. Microsoft Office OneNote 2003* enables information workers to capture, organize, reuse and share their notes more productively. InterVideo ® WinDVD Creator is the new generation of DVD creation software for superior video and audio playback: Integrated Interface: Capture, Edit, Author and Burn, all from the same easy-to-use interface. Amazing Quality: cleaner, crisper, sharper video and audio for superior quality DVDs.

13 May 200413/Satellite A50 sales presentation13 Microsoft ® Office OneNote 2003 The Microsoft Office Note-Taking and Management Program Microsoft ® Office OneNote 2003 enables information workers to capture, organize, reuse, and share their notes more productively on laptops, desktops, or Tablet PCs: –Makes it easier to take notes and organize vital information. –Enables teams to manage, prioritize, and manipulate information more effectively. –Enables teams to maximise input from meetings and discussions by sharing information more effectively * Microsoft® Office OneNote 2003 is not available in all countries.

14 May 200414/Satellite A50 sales presentation14 ConfigFree TM ConfigFree TM is a suite of utilities designed to allow EASY control of communication devices and network connectivity. ConfigFree TM also allows you to identify communication problems and create profiles for easy switching between work locations and communication networks. Target customer for ConfigFree TM : User at home - Network profile switching - Connectivity Doctor Mobile user - Network profile switching - Search for Wireless Devices function

15 May 200415/Satellite A50 sales presentation15 The Satellite A50 series has everything onboard including Wireless LAN 802.11b/g With the Toshiba ConfigFree utility, mobile users can easily create profiles for various connectivity options. This software allows simple control of wireless communication devices and automatic detection of available network connections. A Connectivity Doctor tool helps to identify, analyze and resolve network connectivity issues. The Search for Wireless Device displays nearby active WiFi access points in radar graphics. Unprecendented wireless connectivity

16 May 200416/Satellite A50 sales presentation16 21 Profile Settings Enables you to easily switch between network configuration. Search for Wireless Devices Displays nearby active WiFi access point in radar graphics. Connectivity Doctor Analyze your network connection and assist in fixing the problem. ConfigFree - Main feature summary Including useful features for your Toshiba PC 3

17 May 200417/Satellite A50 sales presentation17 5. Enjoy the slim and lightweight design The Satellite A50 series features a slim and lightweight 2.8 kilogram* design which is ideal for a truly mobile lifestyle. * depending on model and configurations

18 May 200418/Satellite A50 sales presentation18 Basic configurations and models: Satellite A50 series Satellite A50-432: Intel ® Centrino mobile technology including Intel ® Pentium ® M processor, 1.5 GHz, 256 + 256 MB DDR RAM, 40 GB hard disk, 1 MB - 2nd level cache 15 TFT colour display, 1024 x 768 resolution Intel 852GME graphics, up to 64 MB RAM DVD-R/RW drive Lithium-Ion battery, up to 4.0 hours* battery life (* depending on model and configuration)

19 May 200419/Satellite A50 sales presentation19 Basic specifications Integrated international V.90 modem Ports: 3x USB 2.0, TV-out, external microphone, headphone, external monitor, RJ-11, RJ-45, 1 x PC Card Type II, i.LINK ® (depending on configuration) Wireless LAN (802.11b/g) and integrated LAN Windows ® XP Home Edition ConfigFree, Sonic RecordNow! a nd WinDVD Creator software Microsoft ® Office OneNote 2003 bundled (not available in all countries) Weight: starting at 2.8 kg (depending on configuration)


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