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CHAPTER 6 REVIEW Let the Games Begin

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1 CHAPTER 6 REVIEW Let the Games Begin
Personal Injury Laws

2 Students will divide into 4 teams based on the seating assignments.
Each team will send one member of the group up to be questioned. The teacher will read each question out in its entirety before the student will have an opportunity to answer. The first person to correctly guess the answer will win the point for their team. Instructions

3 If the first person does not get the answer correct, the other three teams will have an opportunity to “steal” the point for their team. The first team to get to 10 points will win the game! There is no such thing as second place! GOOD LUCK!

4 What is a legal obligation to do or not to do something?

5 Answer: Duty

6 What is a violation of duty called?

7 Answer: Breach

8 What is a private or civil wrong called?

9 Answer: Tort

10 What is another word for the harm that is recognized by law?

11 Answer: Injury

12 What kind of liability occurs when one person is liable for the torts of another?

13 Answer: Vicarious Liability

14 What kind of tort involves neither intent nor carelessness?

15 Answer: Strict Liability

16 The proof that a breach of duty caused an injury is called __________?

17 Answer: Causation

18 What term means that the amount of causation is great enough for it to be recognized by law?

19 Answer: Proximate Cause

20 What kind of tort is based on carelessness?

21 Answer: Negligence

22 An intentional tort where one person threatens to physically or offensively injure another -

23 Answer: Assault

24 A tort that occurs when personal property is stolen -

25 Answer: Conversion

26 A false statement about a person that injures their reputation -

27 Answer: Defamation

28 An intentional misrepresentation of an existing fact -

29 Answer: Fraud

30 A tort in which a person is deprived of freedom of movement -

31 Answer: False Imprisonment

32 A type of liability that makes the defendant liable if he or she engaged in an activity that resulted in injury, regardless of whether or not he or she was negligent -

33 Answer: Strict

34 A tort in which another’s property is entered without their consent?

35 Answer: Trespass to land

36 An intentional tort that involves harmful or offensive touching of another?

37 Answer: Battery

38 The duty to act with care and good judgment?

39 Answer: Reasonable-person standard

40 A type of negligence where the plaintiff’s own actions were partial cause to the injury?

41 Answer: Contributory

42 A type of negligence where the plaintiff knowingly subjects himself to danger?

43 Answer: Assumption of Risk

44 A type of negligence where the plaintiff is awarded damages in proportion to his own negligence?

45 Answer: Comparative

46 A court order for a person to do or not to do a particular act?

47 Answer: Injunction

48 A brief outline of what the defendant and the plaintiff will try to prove?

49 Answer: Opening Statements

50 A monetary award given to the injured party to compensate for loss?

51 Answer: Damages

52 Any object a judge allows to be presented to the jury that helps prove or disprove a case?

53 Answer: Evidence

54 A monetary award that is set high enough to punish the defendant?

55 Answer: Punitive Damages

56 Another name for actual damages?

57 Answer: Compensatory Damage

58 A judge’s order that commands a witness to appear in court to testify?

59 Answer: Subpeona

60 Statements made by witnesses under oath?

61 Answer: Testimony

62 The decision of the jury?

63 Answer: Verdict

64 A person who has personal knowledge of the facts of the case?

65 Answer: Witness

66 The final result of a trial?

67 Answer: Judgment

68 What is the name of your favorite class?

69 Answer: Business Law

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