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Getting to know each other

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1 Getting to know each other
Rights are Right! Researching human rights Getting to know each other Human Rights Needs and wants Our responsibilities

2 Rights are Right! Welcome to Grade 3!
This week we want to learn more about you. Today you will create a word cloud with words that can be used to describe you. Click here to get started.

3 Rights are Right! In class we have been talking about needs and wants. Today, you can play these games to see how much you have learnt. Then, add your comment to the class blog. Needs and wants search Needs vs. wants Needs and wants game Blog all about it!

4 Rights are Right! Lately we have been talking about our rights. Today we are going to make a slideshow about our rights. Here is what you need to do: Play the game about the rights of the child. Choose one right that you think is important. Create a PowerPoint slide about that right. Use Google images to help you find pictures for your slide. Finished early? See if you can add more slides or animation to your slideshow.

5 Rights are Right! This week we are talking about our responsibilities in the computer lab. How can we make our time in the computer lab successful? What do we need to remember when we are using the internet? Today we are going to make a poster of responsibilities to display in the computer lab for the rest of the school year. You will be using Microsoft PowerPoint to create your poster.

6 Rights are Right! We know how important our rights are but sometimes people’s rights are denied. What happens when rights are violated? Let’s read some news stories to find out. Click on the picture to get started.

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