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Writing an Opening Paragraph

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1 Writing an Opening Paragraph

2 Purpose The purpose of an opening paragraph is to catch the reader’s attention. You should also relate what the writing is about in a thesis statement (a thesis statement gives the overall main idea of your writing).

3 How Much? A good rule of thumb is to have 3-5 sentences in the opening paragraph. Remember: too much is just as bad as too little. The opening paragraph ALWAYS addresses the key issues in the prompt.

4 Opening Paragraph What do you use to go fishing?
Writing is like fishing – you are trying to catch the audience’s attention A Hook grabs the reader’s attention. It is the first sentence in the opening paragraph

5 What Now? The choice statement is next.
It is the direct answer to the prompt Write it creatively Your choice must match your hook and your prompt.

6 Are We there yet? The next sentence is the thesis sentence.
It gives the overall main idea of the writing. It could be the reasons or supporting ideas for your choice. Ex. Favorite toy – 3 reasons why.

7 Finally!!! The last sentence of the opening paragraph is the red ribbon sentence. It wraps up the introductory paragraph and walks the reader into the rest of the essay.

8 The Order 1. Hook sentence 2. Choice sentence 3. Thesis statement
4. Red ribbon sentence

9 Prompt Everyone has a favorite holiday. Think about the holiday you enjoy more than any other one. Tell what your favorite holiday is and explain why.

10 What is the prompt? Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, rosy red cheeks, and a cute little nose. The best gift that was ever bestowed upon me was my daughter, Kayleigh. She keeps me on my active and on my toes. She is my ray of sunshine beckoning me awake each morning. Kayleigh gives me unconditional love with no strings attached. Sometimes the best gifts do not come wrapped in tissue paper and bows.

11 Brainstorm Think about a favorite holiday. Write the name of your holiday in the CENTER of a CIRCLE MAP. In the outside of the circle, write the reasons why you like this holiday so much.

12 Write an Opening Paragraph
Write an opening paragraph that tells your choice and mentions that you have reasons for your choice. Your opening sentence should be your HOOK…..the sentence that catches your reader’s attention.

13 Example Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells! Christmas is my favorite holiday. There are many reasons why this is true- relatives visit from far away places, we eat lots of food, and I receive presents!

14 Now it is your turn! Complete a circle map describing your favorite holiday.

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