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Bibliography and Note Cards

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1 Bibliography and Note Cards

2 Contains all of the following:
Bibliography cards Contains all of the following: A bibliographic entry Author, title, date and place of publication, pages where found A source note Where you found the source A source number An assigned number that you give your sources

3 Example Bibliography Card #1
Book (author, title (underlined), publication site, publisher, date of publication, location) 1 Blumberg, Rhoda. Why the World is Important. New York: Harper Collins, 2004. Cibola High School Library

4 Example Bibliography Card #2
Internet site (title of article (in quotes). organization (underlined), date of publication. date of access, web address, location) 2 “Understanding the Environment.” Mayo Foundation for Environmental Research 4 Dec 3 March 2009, < index>. Cibola High School

5 Example Bibliography Card #3
Magazine/Newspaper (author’s name, title of article (in quotes), name of periodical (underlined), date of publication, pages, location) 3 Gutrel, Fred. “Misson to Save Earth.” Discover Apr. 2004: AWC Library

6 Example Bibliography Card #4
Database [exp. SIRS] (author’s name, title of article (in quotes), title of source (underlined), date of publication, pages, name of database, date of access, location where found) 4 Major, David. “We’re on Our Own.” Time Magazine, Apr. 2008: SIRS – Apr. 7, 2009. AWC Library

7 Note Cards Kinds of notes Summary Paraphrase Direct Quotation
Record general ideas of several paragraphs and summarize in your own words Paraphrase Restate particular ideas or pieces of information from a small section in your own words Direct Quotation For a passage that is particularly significant or well-stated, quote it word for word in quotation marks!!!

8 Note Cards (cont.) Include: Topic in upper left hand corner
Author and title of source (underlined) in upper right hand corner Page numbers on which information was found in lower right hand corner Taking Notes Sorneson, The Research Paper Put only one idea or fact on each card. If you run out of room, turn it over; don’t make a new card. Pg. 62

9 Choose What Ideas to Record
Know in advance what you are looking for!!!! Locate and become aware of the range of thinking and opinions on the topic Write down the general idea of the source Don’t just record “what” information…record “how” and “why” information Choose facts that relate commonly-known information as well as information that is specific to that article.

10 Assignment Write a bibliography card for the source given to you and at least 5 note cards. Make sure that you write them in the proper manner (include all information and proper punctuation) You must have at least one of each kind of note card

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