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C.U.L.T Request with If Clause.

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2 C.U.L.T

3 Request with If Clause

4 Is it OK if ………? Do you mind if ……..? Followed by the present tenses.

5 examples

6 Do you mind if I spend all my money for traveling around the world.?

7 Is it OK if I dont take an umbrella?

8 Is it OK if I smoke a cigarette here

9 Do you mind if we bake you?

10 Do you mind if I bite you?

11 Do you mind if I drive your car?

12 Do you mind if I eat you?

13 Is it OK If I have a rest under the tree?

14 Request with Modals

15 wonder if …… Can I ……. Could I ……… Followed by modals

16 Examples

17 Can I drive your helicopter?

18 I wander if I could ride your horse

19 I wonder if I could walk under the snow.

20 I was wondering if you would mind being like this.

21 I wander if you could drive more carefully.

22 Request with Gerunds

23 Would you mind + gerund Would you mind + past tense

24 examples

25 Would you mind playing football with me?

26 Would you mind if I graduated from the university?

27 Would you mind I I used your computer?

28 Would you mind drinking something at the PUB

29 Would you mind dancing with me?

30 Would you mind if I drove your car.

31 Would mind traveling around the world?

32 Would you mind answering the phone?

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