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5 Themes of Geography M R. H E L P.

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1 5 Themes of Geography M R. H E L P

2 Movement How do people, ideas, etc. move from one place to the other?

3 Movement Give two examples of how PEOPLE move around:
1. 2. Give two examples of how IDEAS move around:

4 Region What is a region? (Page 40)
A region is a group of places with at least one common characteristic. List the unifying characteristics of Tomball 1. 2. 3. Define each: (Page 41) Formal Regions A region in which certain characteristics a found in the area. (ex. government, climate, etc.) Functional Regions A region which contains a central place and the surrounding areas affected by it. Perceptual Regions A region defined by people’s feelings and attitudes about that area.

5 Human- Environment Interaction
HEI for short! It answers the question of: How do people DEPEND ON; change or modify; ADAPT TO their environment?

6 H.E.I. Examples List 2 ways people DEPEND ON the environment.
1. 2. List 2 ways we have MODIFIED the environment. List 2 ways people have ADAPTED TO our environment 1. 2.

7 Location Where is it? Absolute Location - (Page 39)
The position of an area on the globe It can also be an address Example- 304 Woodland Way San Antonio, TX 77353 Relative Location - (Page 39) The location of an area in comparison to places around it.

8 Location Absolute Relative
Use page 127 to find the “Absolute Location” of Houston _________ (use the grid lines on the map) Latitude (N/S) is listed first, Longitude (E/W) is listed second Relative Relative Location of Houston to the following areas: Dallas The Gulf of Mexico San Antonio Write a statement after looking at page 127

9 Place What’s it like? (Think about landscape/physical features, environment, culture/human imprint) What is unique to this location ? (landmarks/landscape/culture)

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